Tuesday, July 27, 2010

It's almost as good as Gardening-Estate Sale Shopping!!!

I can't believe I haven't been here for awhile. I've been really busy the past week. I am house-sitting and Cat Sitting 8 beautiful Cats-5 Siamese (3 Seal Point and 2 Blue Point & 3 outside kitties). These are my Step-kitties since I can't have Cats. The Jack Russells would not appreciate a Cat in the house much less on the property-he,he. So I get my fix with my friends Cats. I am watching them for 2 weeks. Along with a gazillion plants I have to water, Pool, and house. It's all good tho!!! The White Bowl I needed because you know who broke the original bowl and pitcher, so now it holds my big fern. And I finally found a Printers type box to hold my little stamps and seaglass and rocks and whatever.

But anyway this weekend I hit a local Estate Sale. We went to look for a Dresser for my Daughter we were succesful with that but I couldn't resist the other stuff -soooo, WELL, here's what I got everything was $2.00 and under. And I am a Sucker for Pottery and Plant Pots-Old or New. And I love all copper. And things for the garden too..
Hoosier Glass-my glass frog will work in this real nice for flower arranging!!!!Heathrow by BRODY N-404A copper Fish, yeah.A really cool Blue Glass Sun Plant Holder, yeah! OK, I gotta go meet a friend for a Pool Luncheon so have a marvelous Garden Day. We finally got some rain, about 2" so I'm  happy and so is the garden for now.  I'll be back in my garden soon!! 


  1. Nice finds at the estate sale!!

  2. I'm with you on this! I love to go to estate sales. I find so many goodies for our home and garden. I wish I had found that blue glass sun!

  3. The blue plant holder is lovely! Good finds and the price is right!

  4. Oh my goodness !! .. You found some true treasures there .. frankly it is a good thing I don't go to these things .. i would not be able to stop .. so I will have to enjoy yours girl ! LOL .. I think that is wonderful you are getting a "cat fix' with sitting your friends cats .. they sound lovely .. Siamese are a force unto themselves .. my two have a little Siamese blood in them and that characteristic of "I am a demi god" comes out once in a while LOL .. Your blog is looking gorgeous ! I love the black background and soon I will switch to that for Halloween ? LOL
    Joy : ) plus ^..^ ^..^ Emma and Sophie