Tuesday, July 20, 2010

A New Climbing Rose for Me and My trellis, and of course Garden blah, blah, blah.

Oh smack! Yesterday I went to the Local Nursery (Homestead Gardens) and used what little bit of (Myrtle Money) I had earned, only $27 big ones, it was a bad year of buying things, but it worked out for me. This was a whim purchase, but I've been needing a climber rose for my trellis. This fragrant pretty rose  is called "White Dawn" and it grows 12' to 14'ft. So this should cover my trellis nicely. And I'm going to incorporate a 'Purple Clematis' to intertwine with the rose and maybe some morning glories. I think this will be pretty. Purple and White, Oh, I can just see it now. I know this isn't the best time to be buying plants with the extreme heat we have been getting but I will take care of this after I plant it!
Here is my rose in bloom. They aren't big but they smell nice. The only thing I hate about Roses are the THORNS, man I hate those things. But I guess you can't be a gardener without experiencing the pain along with the beauty. I guess like "Beauty and the Beast" the thorns that is.
This is my new Hosta "JUNE". She was only 5.99 and it rounded off my need to purchase yesterday. They had a humongous one in a Gallon container but I settled for this little one. And this little guy actually has two in the pot. I am not a instant gratification gardener because I can't afford it. But my rewards come later after watching it come back every year even bigger then the year before. I adore Hostas. I saw a beautiful one there I was going to buy but it was 22.99 (I will go back and purchase this one when I get some cash :)  and I really came for the rose. I had to stay focused, whew I did pretty good only leaving with what I came to get and sticking to the plan. That's hard for me  to do.  I have Adult ADD :)
Here are a few other things going on in and around the garden today. It's overcast so I weeded some and took a few pics. of stuff.  This is Dicentra x. something. I call it 'Dutchman's Breeches' This is a great plant. I brought this plant with me when we moved and planted her in a sheltered area in the bright shade. I adore the Gray/Green Foliage. And the little flowers are Pink/Lavender. And it looks delicate but this one is a real trooper in my garden.It blooms in spring and summer.  She struggled for awhile but has really taken off. Last year I gave her a new neighbor-Ostrich Fern. Here is a photo of the spores, I love Ferns and their spores they are awesome to look at.

And here is just a pretty shot of the Pink eyed Tall Phlox in the side garden. They are so pretty and their presence in the garden are so nice.
And I don't know if you remember but the "HYDRANGEA" has little roots on the stem I buried!!! I couldn't wait I had to look. I won't be cutting this off for some time but I think it's working. Here is a pic. Not a great photo down here in the dark and dirty space under the  bush.I did put it back in the hole. So it should be fine. 
 Oh yeah, here is also a book I've been browsing thru. It's a look-see book, that's what I call it because it filled with lots of Ideas. I love Ideas for the garden.  OK, that's it for now. And I hope I've  kept your interest. So from me to you thanks for visiting and come back often.HAPPY GARDENING!!!


  1. That looks like a cool book. I love the feeling of buying new perennial plants. That rose and hosta is lovely. I'm sure it will get nice and big.

  2. Hi Peeoknee(great name by the way:-), Love the new rose, could you ever not love a rose? I am gonna have to look for dutch mans breeches nice color! Thanks for sharing your lovely garden! I am your newest follower!

  3. Welcome Bella, I love your blog!! So talented you are. Thank you for your nice comments. I love roses but the thorns sometimes are just too much.
    And Meemsnyc thank you for your nice comments. The book is pretty cool. Great frugal ideas, plus.

  4. Love the new rose -- you can never go wrong with climbing roses. So did you just stick a hydrangea cutting in the ground? I've heard this works..that is how my grandmother got all of her hydrangea bushes, she started with one cut stem and now has bushes all along the side of the house. I thought maybe she was just lucky, but it looks like that is what you have done too?