Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Planting, Pulling, Weeding, Choping and Clicking the Garden.

You haven't seen this garden  because it's been hidden under weeds!!! This is part of the front garden coming down our driveway. Today we are having  an overcast morning so I took advantage and finally got my big butt in there and cleaned it out  It was still hotter then two H's but no SUN . There are big clumps of 'Heuchuera-Purple Palace and other Coral Bells in there with big stepping stones a white azalea and a 'Varigated Yucca' I got from a friend that was being hidden by tall grass in the lower part of the bed. The Upper part of this garden has sedums, peonies, daylilies, Miscanthus, Canna lilies, Iries and other stuff.  I took out 3 not so happy 'Ostrich Ferns' and moved them under the window by the garden shed, they will bounce back nicely.  My beautiful Japanese Maple had a hard go this winter as the top split right in the middle from the weight of  3ft. of snow-ugh. We planted this maple tree when my daughter graduated from High School on her way to college. It is now 13 yrs. old and still standing tall. I was scared I would lose the tree because of the damage but she has bounced back nicely.  You might notice the top is a little bare with exposed limbs but I don't care it gives her character. So I pulled are the grass and I trimmed up the bottom of the tree. I know some people gasp when you tell them you prune your Jap. Maple. I don't prune, I trim :)
And this picture is the extension of the front area leading up the the Sun room. This area has taking alot of different changes. I'm still not happy with it!  I might take out the tall 'Liatris' and the 'Toadlilies' and move them into another bed somewhere and just put in some low growing stuff so you can see the hedges I've trimmed to look like bonsai. I forgot I had 'Speedwell' in there and the 'Creeping Sedum' needs it's own area so you can see the beautiful purple color. And there's a 'Helleborus' behind the Cooper bees and a there's a couple of resurrection lilies that come up in August in the mix.
And the Clicking  part of the garden is  me walking around taking pictures of other stuff  I'd like to show ya! Today the "Eastern Tiger Swallowtail" and the "Hummingbird" were battling over the hummingbird feeder. While the Zebra Swallowtail was just enjoying the flowers.

And here is a Volunteer 'Hollyhock' that I left to grow so next year I think I should get the flower stalks.  I had these in this area and last year I decided to pull them all out because of rust. And this year I purchased 3 Foxgloves to put in the garden so I guess this year they will grow leaves and next year I'll get blooms hopefully.
And the other picture is the "Book Gnome" sitting next to a 'Agapanthus' plant that has never bloomed. I need to read up on these. It's been there for 2yrs. now. I might dig up and put in a nice pot and then overwinter in the greenhouse.
So with all that said and done I'll be leaving. I hope you have a blessed day and Happy Gardening .......Joyce


  1. I have to get out there to weed too, but this 93 degree heat is saying no way Jose! I love your photo of the hummingbird! I need to get a feeder in our garden!

  2. Hi. How about adding your post to my new Wildlife Wednesday page on the Metro DC Blog?

  3. I like the idea of "trimming" rather than pruning. I always "trim" my Japanese maples. They look better with a little TLC.

    I've just dug up a bunch of plants to move them. It seems like we gardeners are always finding cause for a redux.

  4. Weeding is so satisfying. It's raining this morning so I'll go on a weeding frenzy in the next few days - before the soil turns back to concrete!

  5. This was a fun post to read... love the pic of the butterfly at the humming bird feeder. We have very few butterflies in our garden this year as well, much to my dismay. BTW,thank you for the sweet comment you left on my rose garden post.