Thursday, August 4, 2011

A "Hummer" of a Week

Wow, haven't been here forever this garden season. We were blessed with a new Granddaughter and my garden kinda took a back seat. Thank God my gardens love me because they wouldn't have survived this season without the care I have given to them previously.
Anywho, I have a new friend in my life. Alot of drama has been happening in my little corner of the world and when I can exscape into my office this is who is waiting for me, like an old friend. My male hummingbird has been here everyday from about 5:30 am  until 8:30 when I leave my office. Every once in a while I check back and there he is protecting his stash.
I think I must be his favorite place to eat. I'm not sure if he has a family or not close by. But I'm glad he's here. I get great joy watching my little friend chasing away all other "Hummers" and even watching him take a bath and preening his feathers. I never thought about Hummingbirds and feathers, because their so smooth. But now I can see him everyday close up and watch him, it's amazing this little guy. Such beauty and such a strong little guy. I love his little feet.
And as I watch him, watch me, he's proably thinking my house needs painting, and my gardens need weeding really bad, and when the supply is gone he flaps his wings in front of the window to get more.
I'm really enjoying this little guy and hope you enjoy my post about him. I'll be back soon with garden news as long as my plants hold up for me and don't die from "Grandma" neglect. Thanks for stopping by and excuse the running sentences.