Tuesday, July 27, 2010

It's almost as good as Gardening-Estate Sale Shopping!!!

I can't believe I haven't been here for awhile. I've been really busy the past week. I am house-sitting and Cat Sitting 8 beautiful Cats-5 Siamese (3 Seal Point and 2 Blue Point & 3 outside kitties). These are my Step-kitties since I can't have Cats. The Jack Russells would not appreciate a Cat in the house much less on the property-he,he. So I get my fix with my friends Cats. I am watching them for 2 weeks. Along with a gazillion plants I have to water, Pool, and house. It's all good tho!!! The White Bowl I needed because you know who broke the original bowl and pitcher, so now it holds my big fern. And I finally found a Printers type box to hold my little stamps and seaglass and rocks and whatever.

But anyway this weekend I hit a local Estate Sale. We went to look for a Dresser for my Daughter we were succesful with that but I couldn't resist the other stuff -soooo, WELL, here's what I got everything was $2.00 and under. And I am a Sucker for Pottery and Plant Pots-Old or New. And I love all copper. And things for the garden too..
Hoosier Glass-my glass frog will work in this real nice for flower arranging!!!!Heathrow by BRODY N-404A copper Fish, yeah.A really cool Blue Glass Sun Plant Holder, yeah! OK, I gotta go meet a friend for a Pool Luncheon so have a marvelous Garden Day. We finally got some rain, about 2" so I'm  happy and so is the garden for now.  I'll be back in my garden soon!! 

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Planting, Pulling, Weeding, Choping and Clicking the Garden.

You haven't seen this garden  because it's been hidden under weeds!!! This is part of the front garden coming down our driveway. Today we are having  an overcast morning so I took advantage and finally got my big butt in there and cleaned it out  It was still hotter then two H's but no SUN . There are big clumps of 'Heuchuera-Purple Palace and other Coral Bells in there with big stepping stones a white azalea and a 'Varigated Yucca' I got from a friend that was being hidden by tall grass in the lower part of the bed. The Upper part of this garden has sedums, peonies, daylilies, Miscanthus, Canna lilies, Iries and other stuff.  I took out 3 not so happy 'Ostrich Ferns' and moved them under the window by the garden shed, they will bounce back nicely.  My beautiful Japanese Maple had a hard go this winter as the top split right in the middle from the weight of  3ft. of snow-ugh. We planted this maple tree when my daughter graduated from High School on her way to college. It is now 13 yrs. old and still standing tall. I was scared I would lose the tree because of the damage but she has bounced back nicely.  You might notice the top is a little bare with exposed limbs but I don't care it gives her character. So I pulled are the grass and I trimmed up the bottom of the tree. I know some people gasp when you tell them you prune your Jap. Maple. I don't prune, I trim :)
And this picture is the extension of the front area leading up the the Sun room. This area has taking alot of different changes. I'm still not happy with it!  I might take out the tall 'Liatris' and the 'Toadlilies' and move them into another bed somewhere and just put in some low growing stuff so you can see the hedges I've trimmed to look like bonsai. I forgot I had 'Speedwell' in there and the 'Creeping Sedum' needs it's own area so you can see the beautiful purple color. And there's a 'Helleborus' behind the Cooper bees and a there's a couple of resurrection lilies that come up in August in the mix.
And the Clicking  part of the garden is  me walking around taking pictures of other stuff  I'd like to show ya! Today the "Eastern Tiger Swallowtail" and the "Hummingbird" were battling over the hummingbird feeder. While the Zebra Swallowtail was just enjoying the flowers.

And here is a Volunteer 'Hollyhock' that I left to grow so next year I think I should get the flower stalks.  I had these in this area and last year I decided to pull them all out because of rust. And this year I purchased 3 Foxgloves to put in the garden so I guess this year they will grow leaves and next year I'll get blooms hopefully.
And the other picture is the "Book Gnome" sitting next to a 'Agapanthus' plant that has never bloomed. I need to read up on these. It's been there for 2yrs. now. I might dig up and put in a nice pot and then overwinter in the greenhouse.
So with all that said and done I'll be leaving. I hope you have a blessed day and Happy Gardening .......Joyce

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

A New Climbing Rose for Me and My trellis, and of course Garden blah, blah, blah.

Oh smack! Yesterday I went to the Local Nursery (Homestead Gardens) and used what little bit of (Myrtle Money) I had earned, only $27 big ones, it was a bad year of buying things, but it worked out for me. This was a whim purchase, but I've been needing a climber rose for my trellis. This fragrant pretty rose  is called "White Dawn" and it grows 12' to 14'ft. So this should cover my trellis nicely. And I'm going to incorporate a 'Purple Clematis' to intertwine with the rose and maybe some morning glories. I think this will be pretty. Purple and White, Oh, I can just see it now. I know this isn't the best time to be buying plants with the extreme heat we have been getting but I will take care of this after I plant it!
Here is my rose in bloom. They aren't big but they smell nice. The only thing I hate about Roses are the THORNS, man I hate those things. But I guess you can't be a gardener without experiencing the pain along with the beauty. I guess like "Beauty and the Beast" the thorns that is.
This is my new Hosta "JUNE". She was only 5.99 and it rounded off my need to purchase yesterday. They had a humongous one in a Gallon container but I settled for this little one. And this little guy actually has two in the pot. I am not a instant gratification gardener because I can't afford it. But my rewards come later after watching it come back every year even bigger then the year before. I adore Hostas. I saw a beautiful one there I was going to buy but it was 22.99 (I will go back and purchase this one when I get some cash :)  and I really came for the rose. I had to stay focused, whew I did pretty good only leaving with what I came to get and sticking to the plan. That's hard for me  to do.  I have Adult ADD :)
Here are a few other things going on in and around the garden today. It's overcast so I weeded some and took a few pics. of stuff.  This is Dicentra x. something. I call it 'Dutchman's Breeches' This is a great plant. I brought this plant with me when we moved and planted her in a sheltered area in the bright shade. I adore the Gray/Green Foliage. And the little flowers are Pink/Lavender. And it looks delicate but this one is a real trooper in my garden.It blooms in spring and summer.  She struggled for awhile but has really taken off. Last year I gave her a new neighbor-Ostrich Fern. Here is a photo of the spores, I love Ferns and their spores they are awesome to look at.

And here is just a pretty shot of the Pink eyed Tall Phlox in the side garden. They are so pretty and their presence in the garden are so nice.
And I don't know if you remember but the "HYDRANGEA" has little roots on the stem I buried!!! I couldn't wait I had to look. I won't be cutting this off for some time but I think it's working. Here is a pic. Not a great photo down here in the dark and dirty space under the  bush.I did put it back in the hole. So it should be fine. 
 Oh yeah, here is also a book I've been browsing thru. It's a look-see book, that's what I call it because it filled with lots of Ideas. I love Ideas for the garden.  OK, that's it for now. And I hope I've  kept your interest. So from me to you thanks for visiting and come back often.HAPPY GARDENING!!!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Gracie wants to show you her Terrarium and garden blah, blah, blah!

Evening Everyone. It's Hot, Hot, Hot and don't forget Humid. I walked outside and to my surprise this was waiting for me. My first Veggie Bounty. 3 Maters and 1 squash. My Veggie Garden hasn't done what I thought it would do this year, I don't have a clue and I feel like a failure!!! Oh Well, there's next year. Anyway there's enough for me to have a scrumptious Tomato Sandwich, YUM. That's all I crave in the summer. Is my first bite of my own tomatoes, melting in my mouth coating every taste bud with their tomato goodness. Yes, Dinner is soon :)
OK, Gracie wanted to show you what she did today since it was so hot outside to do anything. We made our "Zen Terrarium". It has Moss from outside, Lemon Button Fern, 'Sylettas' Viola grypoceras exilis, x 'Platt's Black Leptinella. One Chinese Fishing Guy with blue glass beads for water and a ladybug. So here is 'Gracie with her terrarium. And  yes we made it on the floor of my office and I have stuff sitting around that will be moved since I saw the photo,laugh. And here is it's final resting place on the Dining Room Table. Not a good picture. But you get it. We hope it will live :)

While outside for a moment I noticed this big 'Praying Mantis' trying to fit in  with the color of the big 'Miscanthus' Grass in the front. Can you see him? The master of disguise.  He's on the window shutter. Pretty cool. I was getting worried I hadn't seen any up to this point.
And the other weird thing I noticed today while taken a picture of a dragonfly was- that my 'White' Butterfly Bush has purple flowers on it!! What's up with that. If you can tell me, please do. This is my first Bush. And first year for this one.Well, that's all I have for today.  Not to exciting. But the garden is holding her own in this heat wave. Hope your having a safe summer and your gardens are just gorgeous. I want to do so much outside and I have alot of plans but I CAN'T do anything in this stinking heat. And it's killing me, sitting inside. I'm tired of cleaning and rearranging everything. I'm sitting looking around and thinking to myself I need a inside make-over. And a fresh coat of paint, Well I know that's not happening anytime soon.  So thanks for reading my blog I'm surprised people get this far with all my ramblings.  Peace  Out from me to you!!!! And Come Again :)

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day-July 2010 (first)

Good Morning everybody. Geez where do you begin. Today the 15th of every month Garden Bloggers from all over are blogging about what's blooming in their gardens. And their posting it so we can enjoy their gardens. If you would like to join in go visit: www.maydreamsgardens.com or just click on her blog link on the right side over there, see, and check out how to begin. It's simple. And while your there check out all the bloggers who attached their blog so you can go check them all out.
So anyway this is my first time posting for Bloom Day and what a terrible month to show what's blooming in my garden right now. We have had alot of extreme heat and humidity before this week and since Saturday past I think we have gotten almost 5" of rain. So if the H & H didn't knock down anybody the rain surely took a beaten. But I'm not complaining about the rain because we had a rain deficit.  So Hoo-ray for the RAIN!! OK, so here's what blooming today in my gardens.
My Hot Pink Phlox. This was rescued from under that darn 'Gooseneck loosestrife' this spring I'm so glad I noticed the phlox leaves and moved it and this is one big branch so far this year.
.And these are the pretty orange marigolds in the raised veggie bed keeping away the bugs. Back in colonial times they planted flowers in with their veggies to keep away the bad bugs. I think that right. And as for my veggie garden I don't see bugs but my 'Tomatoes' haven taken a beating this year-ugh
And this is Monarda 'Jacob Cline' I have had this plant a long time. Here the flowers and the second wave as I've already pruned once this year.
This is Blue and White Salvia. I know I need to prune this one back I will get to it. I bought this plant together in one pot a 2 for 1 plant. It is huge and beautiful addition to pond garden. This picture does not do this plant justice. My photos look better on my laptop and when I upload they look washed out, oh well.
And this is my Beautiful Big Blue/Pink/Purple Mophead Hydrangea that has come with us when we moved some 18 yrs ago to this house. This makes great flower arrangements. What a show stopper. I'm trying to root some limbs this year. Dug a little hole bent down the branch, cover a little and put a brick on top to hold down. I'll let you know what happens. Everybody wants a piece so I'm trying....
And here are a few others blooming in and around the gardens. A late daylily named "Common Sense" gee I wonder why I just had to have that one (ok you can laugh now).And this is my beautiful Purple Verbena (Annual) growing up on the deck.
 Like I said 'July' isn't very productive here. The Phlox are in bloom along with the Gooseneck Loosestrife, Beebalm, Hostas, Platycondon blue, and the Echinacea 'White Swan'  and others that are blooming in the garden right now. The other thing I have going right now are alot of beautiful leaf colors in the garden from the things that have stoped blooming. But I think my main concern at this stage is to keep everything alive and look at bulb books :)
So it's been a great Bloom Day Blog for me and I hope you visit often to see what's going on in my life around my gardens. Peace Out and Happy Gardening from me to you!!!!!!!! 

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

New baby-Fawn and some plant talk.

Yeah another addition to the Deer Population in our Woods. Isn't she/he beautiful. As you can see Mama Deer was trying to protect her from that young male lurking in the woods. And believe me he wasn't in the woods just lurking for long, he had a mission (that part was censored). Poor Mama. Wish she could've just kicked him!!!! Usually every year one of the Deer at the bottom have twins, but I haven't seen any twins this year. This is my first sighting of a baby...Too darn cute. We have alot of Deer on the property but they know we don't bother them as long as they stay down in the lower forty. Plus the dogs keep them down in the wooded area.

And now a few plants I'm really digging in the Garden...These are called :Agastache 'Sunset'. I bought these on a whim this year from a lady with a beautiful cottage garden who sells really cool plants. I also bought some 'Clary Sage'. But back to these. The little flowers are orange/pink. Very pretty.

Last year I put in a blue variety called "Summer Sky' and loved it. As you can see it's being a little crowded by the locals. So I will probably move it over with the other plant. But for now it's ok where it is.   The hummers will enjoy these I think, they are tubular flowers.  I was going to do "Wordless Wednesday" but I couldn't find where  to post so I'll try again next week. I don't know If I can do a wordless post :)  So off to have some dinner and take the 4-leggers out. Have a Marvelous Evening and hope all your garden dreams come true.....!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

A new Window in the Garden (Shed) and help answer a few questions!

OK, here is the side of my little garden shed that didn't have a window. So I put in a 'Faux' window. I had acquired a few sets of old windows out of a older beach home.( I'm going to make 'Memory Tables' out of them). I had one odd-ball size so I used that.  So I sanded and caulked and painted  it to match my shed. I was going to put a beach scene behind the glass (still might do it) but I was anxious to get it up to see what it would look like. I will be planting big ferns under this window when the rain stops.
My little garden area on this side of the yard is coming together nicely. I still have alot of work . The more I walk around this area the more the ideas pop into my head.  Like MORE PLANTS. And maybe even a small knot garden, who knows what I'll be doing next. I do have alot of time on my hands now that I'm retired. But these things are what I was thinking about having while I was working all those years. And now I can finally put the plan to work. It might take a while and alot of hard work, but I'll do it "One Plant at a Time, One plan at a Time"

 I am a collector of all things but I have been collecting plant seeds for only a year now. That's why I wanted a little greenhouse so I could get a jump on this issue (another day another story). Let me know what you think?
The other day I painted another birdhouse. It is my 'Watermelon' house. Eventually these will go out in this part of the garden. I did a flower one I think last week when  I posted. I have to get some poles and hardware first. Have one more I'm working on, but I've got painters block. #1-The house hasn't told me what it wants to be yet!!! It's shaped like a barn so maybe that's a clue.  Let's see who will come up with an idea for me and my birdhouse. Let me know and I will pick and post after I paint it. Nothing hard I'm an amateur with the brush.

Today while walking in the garden I took pictures of all the different blue butterflies that were feasting on the flowers.
OK, here's question #2- I have a pink 'Crape Mrytle' in my yard that I noticed a couple  of little 'Mrytles'inches away from the big one. Can I dig these up and transplant somewhere now? I don't think they are connected to the mother shrub. Here's a picture:
#3-And one more question for my gardening friends. Who is this bug on my Purple Coneflower??? Is he good or bad. Doesn't he look like he's sporting a 'Tommy Bahama' tropical summer shirt. It's so bright! Ok So I will just leave with a couple pictures of what's blooming in the garden today!! I love Marigolds and this one caught my eye this year. Orange and yellow!!! It seems they are the only flower doing well in my Veggie bed!!!Black-eyed Susan-Maryland State FlowerAnd my last one is showing 'RAIN-DROPS' on my potted Caladiums. I can't help it I love these things. Why did I wait so long to put them in my garden?I want to thank you for stopping by and hope you enjoyed all the things that I do.  I'm so excited that we have had rain now about 3 1/2" my plants are happy and so am I. So Peace Out from me to you. And I hope you are having a marvelous garden day!!!!!