Sunday, July 4, 2010

Happy Independence Day

Happy Independence Day, Happy 4th of July, and May Old Glory wave her colors forever. It's good to be an "American". It means alot to me because this is all I know. And my father and husband are both veterans and flying the flag gives me great pleasure. Today is a day to gather with family and friends and celebrate our Independence. I don't know about you but I got my plans all laid out for today-woo who. Gather, laugh, hug, eat, talk about the good times, eat some more talk garden with my girlfriend and have fireworks tonite :) Life is good!!! And I am passing on great happiness for your day also!!

OK, on another note. My mystery plant turned out to be a beautiful White 'Gladiolus x hortulanus'.
I hate these I don't know how this got into the garden. It hasn't bloomed for two years so I probably forgot I even put it in. I do love the color "White" in the garden maybe that's why it's here. I thought I was going to have my first "CROCOSMIA" plant!!! Oh well, I guess I'm going to have to go to the nursery and purchase a one!!! Don't get me wrong this is a lovely flower and it has a hint of purple on the inside, I love purple. But just not these, they remind me too much of funeral flowers and I can't get passed that. I hope I'm not offending anyone. Gee you think I have strong feelings on this one!
Anyway on to something that makes me smile. That would be my hostas.Here is 'Sum & Substance' with flower in the early morning sun. You can see how she is a real nice pale green and is humongous sitting next to that real dark green hosta which isn't that small either. That one was a baby off of someone, don't know who.
And here is my 'Pink Crape Mrytle' that was destroyed a few years back by Winter Ice. She has come back nicely but I've neglected to trim her this year. So I will get to it!

And here is what Jerry and I have been working on this weekend. My Greenhouse. 1/2 day job my Aunt Fanny. The book says 2 people 1/2 day. They must not take into consideration of older adults. Who need to take potty breaks and water breaks and breaks from working with each other that stop the work so you can re-group your  thoughts in the hot sun :) So it wasn't too bad to get up, the only thing is that the foundation part of this is explained on page (30) after you have the dumb thing together. Then you level the stupid foundation and move the greenhouse back on top and secure. Then you have a load of nuts and bolts and braces to put on to stabilize the dumb thing. And pray like HELL that a Storm doesn't blow the darn thing away. Mine isn't GLASS but a poly something. So not operational yet. The Heat is coming back so we have to work after 4 in the shade. But my little house gets Sun all day until then. I still need supplies and you know me I have been thinking about what plants I want to place around my little greenhouse already. The ground over there is like a ROCK, boy I have my work cut out for me. I have alot of amending to do over there if I want anything to grow!!  Hey, it's a new toy.

Early this morning I painted this birdhouse I had laying around. Just need to clear coat and out it goes!! What do you think?   So I will leave you with that note. Thanks for stopping by me and my ramblings. Again Happy 4th of July and see you soon!!! And thanks for stopping by with my silliness.

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  1. You have been very busy in this hot weather! WooHoo or Phew, either one or both!