Sunday, July 18, 2010

Gracie wants to show you her Terrarium and garden blah, blah, blah!

Evening Everyone. It's Hot, Hot, Hot and don't forget Humid. I walked outside and to my surprise this was waiting for me. My first Veggie Bounty. 3 Maters and 1 squash. My Veggie Garden hasn't done what I thought it would do this year, I don't have a clue and I feel like a failure!!! Oh Well, there's next year. Anyway there's enough for me to have a scrumptious Tomato Sandwich, YUM. That's all I crave in the summer. Is my first bite of my own tomatoes, melting in my mouth coating every taste bud with their tomato goodness. Yes, Dinner is soon :)
OK, Gracie wanted to show you what she did today since it was so hot outside to do anything. We made our "Zen Terrarium". It has Moss from outside, Lemon Button Fern, 'Sylettas' Viola grypoceras exilis, x 'Platt's Black Leptinella. One Chinese Fishing Guy with blue glass beads for water and a ladybug. So here is 'Gracie with her terrarium. And  yes we made it on the floor of my office and I have stuff sitting around that will be moved since I saw the photo,laugh. And here is it's final resting place on the Dining Room Table. Not a good picture. But you get it. We hope it will live :)

While outside for a moment I noticed this big 'Praying Mantis' trying to fit in  with the color of the big 'Miscanthus' Grass in the front. Can you see him? The master of disguise.  He's on the window shutter. Pretty cool. I was getting worried I hadn't seen any up to this point.
And the other weird thing I noticed today while taken a picture of a dragonfly was- that my 'White' Butterfly Bush has purple flowers on it!! What's up with that. If you can tell me, please do. This is my first Bush. And first year for this one.Well, that's all I have for today.  Not to exciting. But the garden is holding her own in this heat wave. Hope your having a safe summer and your gardens are just gorgeous. I want to do so much outside and I have alot of plans but I CAN'T do anything in this stinking heat. And it's killing me, sitting inside. I'm tired of cleaning and rearranging everything. I'm sitting looking around and thinking to myself I need a inside make-over. And a fresh coat of paint, Well I know that's not happening anytime soon.  So thanks for reading my blog I'm surprised people get this far with all my ramblings.  Peace  Out from me to you!!!! And Come Again :)


  1. What a cool praying mantis. We don't have anything that cool in our garden, however, we've seen large grasshoppers. Nice tomatos, tomato sandwiches are the best.

  2. The praying mantis are such masters of disguise, it's no wonder you haven't seen any before now this year. Lovely maters. Of my three plants, I have had NONE! And now it is too hot for the blooms to set...sigh...This is the time of year when I retreat to inside and the garden must fend for itself. Even at 7 in the morning it is hot and muggy. Countdown for October begins when it becomes pleasant to get out and work in the garden once again. Hmmmmmmm, painting the upstairs bedrooms does sound like a good idea. ;-)

  3. I couldn't find a link to send you an email but just wanted to tell you how much I enjoy your blog. It is beautiful!

  4. Neat terrarium. Takes me back to when they were popular and indoor plants - spider plants! were the rage.
    Just beginning to harvest here, although the cutting flowers are blooming abundantly at T's allotment. A few raspberries,too.
    Lucky you to find and photograph the praying mantis!
    aka Alice's Garden Travel Buzz / Bay Area Tendrils