Wednesday, July 14, 2010

New baby-Fawn and some plant talk.

Yeah another addition to the Deer Population in our Woods. Isn't she/he beautiful. As you can see Mama Deer was trying to protect her from that young male lurking in the woods. And believe me he wasn't in the woods just lurking for long, he had a mission (that part was censored). Poor Mama. Wish she could've just kicked him!!!! Usually every year one of the Deer at the bottom have twins, but I haven't seen any twins this year. This is my first sighting of a baby...Too darn cute. We have alot of Deer on the property but they know we don't bother them as long as they stay down in the lower forty. Plus the dogs keep them down in the wooded area.

And now a few plants I'm really digging in the Garden...These are called :Agastache 'Sunset'. I bought these on a whim this year from a lady with a beautiful cottage garden who sells really cool plants. I also bought some 'Clary Sage'. But back to these. The little flowers are orange/pink. Very pretty.

Last year I put in a blue variety called "Summer Sky' and loved it. As you can see it's being a little crowded by the locals. So I will probably move it over with the other plant. But for now it's ok where it is.   The hummers will enjoy these I think, they are tubular flowers.  I was going to do "Wordless Wednesday" but I couldn't find where  to post so I'll try again next week. I don't know If I can do a wordless post :)  So off to have some dinner and take the 4-leggers out. Have a Marvelous Evening and hope all your garden dreams come true.....!


  1. Hi Joyce: Love your Deer. We usually see Doe and Fawns but not this year, new neighbor has disturbed their habitat.

    Enjoy your gardens,

  2. Thanks John. Sad when their habitat gets disturbed. We have about an Acre of undisturbed woods behind us that we don't do anything with so the animals whoever they are have alot of stuff to eat and hide in. My neighbor a ways over baits the deer.

  3. Love this post and what a great job you have done on your blog. We only see dear in our gardens in the winter. They come down from the mountains for food.

  4. I love those pictures. You are SO lucky to have deer in your yard. I wish we had deer. Although we do have some cute bunnies and other critters!