Friday, July 9, 2010

Lost Garden MoJo and Empty Pots

Today I think I've  lost my garden mojo. I've been inside a week and I've let things go and before. I had to show that I've been neglecting. Usually If I walk by this it would bother me big time. But I just don't feel like fixing this in the heat. I never have an empty pot. Even the Cherubs are upset with me.  And I  try to weed out all the bad things that spring up in my gardens. The more I look at these things the less gets done lately. The picture you see here is a long bed that goes down the yard side of the garage. It's beautiful in the spring with pinks, and spring iries and bulbs. But  now look at it. It has overgrown to the point of no return!!! I have a problem with Virginia creeper and those vines that get the orange tubular flowers that hummingbirds love. I can't even think of the name of it. I remember playing with these flowers as a child, putting them on your fingers. But I don't want them here in my gardens. I can't believe people pay for these invasive vines!!! They grow everywhere here.
I could just kick myself for letting this go, now I have more work.

This is a picture looking at the side garden  coming out from the  basement area. This big deck is being shortened and I will landscape around this maybe next year!
On a little happy note nobody is hurt from this and it will get cleaned up soon!

 I make a promise. So anyway yesterday went to one of my favorite stores Bed,Bath & Beyond and picked up a BIG Jar so I could make a "Terrarium" . I have to go pick out some plants to put in it and get some charcoal but other then that I think I'm ready. If any readers out there have any suggestions please leave a comment for me. Love to learn new things. I really would like to put my favorite Seaglass into this Jar but I will refrain and use it for what it was bought for. I'll get another later. 
 And here is one of my buddies "Harley" sitting in the dead grass waiting to go back inside, doesn't he look happy to have his picture taken.

So hope all is well with everybody and your grass doesn't look like mine. Have a fantastic day and don't forget to smell the Roses!!
Maybe I should!!!


  1. I'm not that used to heat at all - when we do get it here in Scotland and I'm sure its nothing compared to your temperatures I'd rather not work in the garden either. You can sit in the cool and write plans and ideas for your garden. Have a lovely weekend Joyce :) Rosie

  2. Thanks Rosie and Gina. I know I'm not alone in this heat. I feel this has been a strange garden season. Haven't had rain in about a month, I think we will get some tonight. I love to work outside but I'm a wilted lily in the humidity. Thanks for visiting....

  3. I hear what you are saying... It's temporarily! I don't understand how I let crocosmia, vinca and other bad guys grow in my garden. As for terrariums, I posted about my first (and last, so far) experience here:
    I am ashamed to confess that I killed my masterpiece. It dried out! I hope you'll take better care about your terrarium.
    Stay cool!