Sunday, September 12, 2010

Vacation pics. from MB and Georgetown, Shell Island, South Carolina

On my first day at the beach I was followed by a bunch of sandpipers and seagulls. They are so cute and fast running on the beach, darting here and there to avoid the crashing waves coming in. I call this shot. Me and my Shadow. Jerry and I come to Myrtle Beach every summer for the Golf and I do all the historic tours and suck up all the local cuisine and beautiful places off the beaten path to find. This is a Mecca of beaches and Southern History waiting to be found. And there's Pawley's Island and Shopping, just beautiful.

 So this year I took a Low country Plantation tour to 'Shell Island'-this Island is where Lafette landed when he got lost. The locals or Cap'n Rod calls it Lafette Island . I love collecting shells and driftwood. This is a Barrier Island excess able by boat only. The Georgetown Lighthouse is there and most gorgeous. The lighthouse keeper would have to stay in the little house and not leave the island for 5 straight years. A boat with supplies would come over to him once a month. Wow...Here is the Beautiful Lighthouse and the little house that was rebuilt due to a Storm, I think it was Hurricane Hazel that wiped it out. The lighthouse is automated today.
On the beach it is covered with Driftwood, Large and Small. Of course I had to pick up a small one. But first this was our tour boat Captain.....Capt. Rod. He was a hoot, he explained everything and showed us all kinds of stuff and local history out on the water. I saw alot of Shrimp Boats and he said the boats with all the birds around it mean it was a great catch that day. And there are so many EAGLES there. I couldn't keep up with my camera there was so much too see!!!This isn't a great photo the rail got in the way. But you know what it is. He was beautiful way up there on his perch. You can't see but he has a fish in his mouth...
The day was awesome. We landed about 45 min. later on the Island and disbursed onto the beach for shell collecting. We got there in the afternoon so the first trip over had better luck with the shells. Note to self. Next time take early boat. Well I left everything on the boat and walked around like a dummy with no shoes!!! Also I was soaked from head to toe. You would have thought I'd been in a wet t-shirt contest :) But I did found some nice shells a couple of old conchs and pieces of others. With treasure in hand I headed back to the boat and wouldn't you know it I STEPPED ON A PIECE OF DRIFTWOOD AND CUT MY FOOT!!!!! The bottom of my left foot, good thing I came prepared. Dang-it that hurt like HELL. But you know I didn't care and it didn't spoil my trip...Here are my finds. I will go back again. Great fun.

The day ended and I met up with my husband for a great dinner out. I was exhausted and happy from a wonderful adventure. And knowing that the next day I had another adventure waiting for me to do!!!

Thanks for reading my blog today and if you lasted this long I must have caught your attention a little. Have a marvelous day and I'll bring more Vacation shots tomorrow. My Gardens are a little Crispy, my fault, but no rain for weeks. Today we are having rain, Thank You God. I am my Gardens keeper and I'm not doing to good a job right now. Fall is coming and more projects to blog about.......Peace Out.Joyce

Saturday, September 11, 2010


What a beautiful Morning here in my little corner of the world. Here is my Firefighter Memorial garden area that my husband and I put in after Sept. 11.My daughter painted his badge number on his helmet.  Today the Sedums are almost as tall as this 4ft Statue. I love looking at this front garden. Sometimes it gets a little wild but it stills make me feel good when I see my firemen out there
 So I would like to THANK those people who have made all this possible to write about. I can't imagine not seeing the beautiful sky every morning. My husband is a Firefighter and I know every time he went out on a call to do his job I prayed so hard that he would return back to the station safe.  What a hard job!  And they are all just like Brothers in ONE family no matter what station or state they live in.
 I remember seeing him back with Icicles on his mustache in the winter after returning from a call. And him sweating to death from also heat exhaustion in the summer. And I can't imagine all that heavy equipment they wear for there safety. So my heart goes out to the families of the Firemen that have put there  lives on the line so others can be safe. And I know my husband wouldn't have had it any other way. He loves being a Brother.

And Also the Policemen families. What a job!!!! Thank you

And also I would like to Thank the "Veteran's" and the Military Men and Women who have left their families at home and are fighting right now to make sure that I see that sky everyday. So don't forget to thank these people everyday you can.