Saturday, October 24, 2009

Adventures of the Week

OK, This past weekend friends and I took a Daytrip over to the Shores of Jersey on the "Cape May Ferry" what a real treat. The morning started at 4am and was overcast, but who cares. We were on are way over to the beaches on the other side to look for "Sea Glass". The Ferry ride was a little rought as we were having a Noreaster on the bays. As soon as we drove off the ferry Mother Nature's Furry was upon us, it figures. But that never stops us "Sea Glass Hunters". The tides were extremly high so some of the beaches were a wash up.(he-he) Didn't find alot of glass that day but found some really cool beach rocks and some hugh Clam Shells. I even found a baby Horseshoe Crab washed ashore (dead of course) to take home for my collection. These are beautiful creatures and soon they will proably be extinst :(
Anyway had a great day and all the "lighthouses" over there are just magnificent and just beautiful so I added just a few for you to see. That day was chilly and wet but there was great laughs, good food and alot of Hot Coffee. I adore walking on beaches and collecting the little things.

We even found a "Off the beaten path beach but with all the rain it had flooded over here is a picture of the marsh lands. Awesome. So there will be more day trips and more collecting to do. I have another adventure right around the corner............

So-OK, Here's the card I promised last week:)

This is the card I designed for our Friday Nite Card Club. Didn't feel like making a seasonal card. That will come in time. So I will just give the details as I have alot to catch up on.
All Materials used are from "Stampin' Up".
Standard card size for me is-5 1/2" X 4 1/4".
Papers: Basic Black, Basic Gray, Yo-Yo Yellow, Vanilla

-I first took stampin'write markers to rubber stamp image and (very)lightly spritzed with one shot of water to get the watercolor effect.
-Next punched out a black piece from the "Ornament Punch" and cut off the bottom to make it look like a plant pot.
-Then I used my "Essential Glue Pad" (no heat required) and stamped the image onto paper and used "Gold Glitter" to finish the look.
-Then stamped a sentiment on the side.
Very simple, yet elegant. Hope you like this card. Not hard to make and took a short time to come up with idea. Thanks for looking.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Head in the Clouds

Morning All....Actually it is now afternoon.. When I awoke this morning to the new bird sound I rushed outside to see what I could see but it had gone. It sounded like a new hawk or eagle maybe. They are around here, just scarce.

So after the 4leggers and I took our morning walk about. We returned back inside for treats and Coffee, (Coffee was for me). They are Jack Russell's they do not need anymore caffeine:-)

So anyway I noticed how beautiful the sky was this morning so I had to try out my new "Tripod" for my camera that my dear husband purchased for me after listening to me say how much I needed one, bless him. So I set up on the back deck and starting shooting the clouds and trees (I love trees). I wanted to share my clouds with you so you could see how lovely they were.

After I was done I came back inside to download the pics. to my computer and the dang things wouldn't upload-ugh. So I thought maybe I needed more room on my computer so I started organizing my photos into new named folders and deleted photos that I didn't want anymore, it kinda felt good to trash some stuff. I tried to upload again, no luck, I was really getting bummed. So I had to install new camera software because my device drivers were missing. Man go figure, I hate and love all at the same time. So after 5hrs. I finally got everything uploaded and now here I am telling the story. Oh happy day!!! Like you really wanted to know:)

Well, this Friday nite is card night so I have to come up with a card. Doesn't look like I'm getting anything done. I think I do my best work at the last minute. I'll let you know when I get an idea.

I haven't accomplished a squat today, what a waste of time.

Also I'm already having garden withdraw. Every moment I can't spend outside doing something drives me to do something inside I don't want to do (like organize or clean) you get the picture. I'm sitting here listening to "Mannheim Steamroller" very relaxing I guess I could ramble on forever listening to that. I didn't want to listen to anything that would push me over the edge today since I was pretty darn close already. I did start out with "Michael Buble" what a cutie and great voice. Daughter and I saw him in Concert for my Birthday. What a treat. So I think I will close on that note listening to nice music. Have a great day and thanks for reading my "ramblings" it helps.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

It's that time again......

Fall Festivals..Who can resist, certainly not me. I'm a sucker for every festival I can get too. This past Friday I went to the "SugarLoaf" Festival in Mont. Co. and what a real treat for me since this was my first time. I was invited to go with some good friends.

What a Beautiful day we had, the sun was shining, the company was great and the smells that hit you in the face as you got out of your vehicle.

As I walked around the covered stalls I know I looked like a kid in a Candy Shop with my "Eyes wide open" and my mouth dragging on the ground from "Awe" for these people who can produce such beautiful works of art, no matter what medium their working in.

I'm not much of a Jewelry person but I can appreciate the hard, tedious time that goes into this work. I love the Photographers, Potters, Glass Blowers, And the Watercolor Artist . I met a great watercolor Artist by the name of "John Sovjani" what a lovely person and his work is just awesome (go see for yourself). I had to get some prints to adorn my walls.

And what a real treat for me to meet one of my favorite pianist "Bob Geresti" he's awesome .What a down to earth kinda guy and so talented and the sounds that he has created that come out of the piano, well need I say more. I have him on my "Ipod" for listening pleasure.

Well, it was just a great place to be and as we left the grounds we discussed today's finds and had to stop for some coffee for the long ride home.

Thank You Fall and Thank You to all the talented people in this world. Without you I haven't traveled anywhere!!!

Cards on Friday Night Club

Goooood Morning..What a beautiful day in my Neighborhood, glad you are my neighbor. The sun is shinning and today is a good day. Little brisk when I woke up this morning.

Today I'm going to introduce another passion besides Gardens and Plants that I do. But from April on until Oct. it's a little hard to stay focused on making cards inside when I'm out and about in the gardens with my behind up in the air and dirty hands. I belong to a lot of blogs and card making sites and enjoy it a lot. I have been stamping for about you get the picture....he-he

My husband and I installed cabinets in one of our extra bedrooms and that is my Office/Craft/Plant/Dog/all around good feeling room that I love to be in.

Here are just a couple of cards I designed (all stamp materials are "stampin'up). Nothing fancy just one for "Halloween" and one just for a friend .

I am part of a group of lovely women who get together to eat, drink and make and exchange card ideas. There are 11 of us. And you make a card and cut for 10 and everybody goes home with 11 card ideas. So we stamp the night away making each others cards and enjoy each others company on another Friday night. It's a lot of fun and if you need cards you have them ready to send. So here are two I have done. I will post card pics and ideas you might want to use and feel free to use my designs just give me a little credit by telling people where they come from and send them here for the deets. If you like my cards leave a comment, it helps me make more :)

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Leaves on the Impatients

Another beautiful fall day to wake up too. While doing my morning rituals of taking the 4 legged children out to potty I looked over the gardens as I always do. I love walking the yard in the morning it has a calmness to it. And the fresh smell first thing really gets your body pumping into full gear for the day.

The gardens are so pretty on fall mornings with flowers that have dew dripping off of them and the spiderwebs with little droplets of morning dew that make the webs look like "Strings of Pearls". (I think these are the only pearls I will be able to afford) but these are most price-less.

So I continued my walk around and gathered a few of the last remaining Cosmos flowers blooming in my little gardens to press for winters projects.

And one of the things that caught my eye this morning was the leaves lying all over the impatients like fall blankets protecting them from the chilly nites not yet awake. I had to run and get my camera because I couldn't pass up the thought of not remembering the feeling I had when I saw that. My Camera is my best friend because we share so much of the same passions like when it comes to the gardens and places where I've been. I need to capture the moment right there and then. So I can remember what it was like-that day, that time, that plant, that moment.

Another interesting site this morning was a big ole fat caterpillar chewing on the Yellow water iris leaves getting fat before he has to hibernate for the winter.

These are the things that I appreciate the most and "Thank "God" that I have the sight to see all these wonderful things around me inside and out.

Until next time.......Who knew keeping a blog would be work-VBG

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Today is the first day of the rest of my blog.....

Today I woke up not thinking about having my own Blog. But as the day progressed I thought what a good idea it would be to do something different today. So here I am contemplating what I'm going to do next.
I love gardening and getting my hands dirty. And I enjoy the rush that I get from creating or planting something and watching it grow. I think I like the challenge of keeping everything alive and happy. I'm not sure what it means when people say That your gardens reflect your style. Haven't quite figured out what my style is yet or If I will even have that label. All I know is what my passions are and follow those things. And then I'm happy.