Saturday, October 24, 2009

Adventures of the Week

OK, This past weekend friends and I took a Daytrip over to the Shores of Jersey on the "Cape May Ferry" what a real treat. The morning started at 4am and was overcast, but who cares. We were on are way over to the beaches on the other side to look for "Sea Glass". The Ferry ride was a little rought as we were having a Noreaster on the bays. As soon as we drove off the ferry Mother Nature's Furry was upon us, it figures. But that never stops us "Sea Glass Hunters". The tides were extremly high so some of the beaches were a wash up.(he-he) Didn't find alot of glass that day but found some really cool beach rocks and some hugh Clam Shells. I even found a baby Horseshoe Crab washed ashore (dead of course) to take home for my collection. These are beautiful creatures and soon they will proably be extinst :(
Anyway had a great day and all the "lighthouses" over there are just magnificent and just beautiful so I added just a few for you to see. That day was chilly and wet but there was great laughs, good food and alot of Hot Coffee. I adore walking on beaches and collecting the little things.

We even found a "Off the beaten path beach but with all the rain it had flooded over here is a picture of the marsh lands. Awesome. So there will be more day trips and more collecting to do. I have another adventure right around the corner............


  1. You are having a great time gallivanting around the beaches! Great photographs.

  2. What a nice adventure! And beautiful photos, as always.