Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Head in the Clouds

Morning All....Actually it is now afternoon.. When I awoke this morning to the new bird sound I rushed outside to see what I could see but it had gone. It sounded like a new hawk or eagle maybe. They are around here, just scarce.

So after the 4leggers and I took our morning walk about. We returned back inside for treats and Coffee, (Coffee was for me). They are Jack Russell's they do not need anymore caffeine:-)

So anyway I noticed how beautiful the sky was this morning so I had to try out my new "Tripod" for my camera that my dear husband purchased for me after listening to me say how much I needed one, bless him. So I set up on the back deck and starting shooting the clouds and trees (I love trees). I wanted to share my clouds with you so you could see how lovely they were.

After I was done I came back inside to download the pics. to my computer and the dang things wouldn't upload-ugh. So I thought maybe I needed more room on my computer so I started organizing my photos into new named folders and deleted photos that I didn't want anymore, it kinda felt good to trash some stuff. I tried to upload again, no luck, I was really getting bummed. So I had to install new camera software because my device drivers were missing. Man go figure, I hate and love all at the same time. So after 5hrs. I finally got everything uploaded and now here I am telling the story. Oh happy day!!! Like you really wanted to know:)

Well, this Friday nite is card night so I have to come up with a card. Doesn't look like I'm getting anything done. I think I do my best work at the last minute. I'll let you know when I get an idea.

I haven't accomplished a squat today, what a waste of time.

Also I'm already having garden withdraw. Every moment I can't spend outside doing something drives me to do something inside I don't want to do (like organize or clean) you get the picture. I'm sitting here listening to "Mannheim Steamroller" very relaxing I guess I could ramble on forever listening to that. I didn't want to listen to anything that would push me over the edge today since I was pretty darn close already. I did start out with "Michael Buble" what a cutie and great voice. Daughter and I saw him in Concert for my Birthday. What a treat. So I think I will close on that note listening to nice music. Have a great day and thanks for reading my "ramblings" it helps.

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  1. What about a cloud or tree card? Your photos are so incredible. Of course the flowers would work too.