Thursday, October 8, 2009

Leaves on the Impatients

Another beautiful fall day to wake up too. While doing my morning rituals of taking the 4 legged children out to potty I looked over the gardens as I always do. I love walking the yard in the morning it has a calmness to it. And the fresh smell first thing really gets your body pumping into full gear for the day.

The gardens are so pretty on fall mornings with flowers that have dew dripping off of them and the spiderwebs with little droplets of morning dew that make the webs look like "Strings of Pearls". (I think these are the only pearls I will be able to afford) but these are most price-less.

So I continued my walk around and gathered a few of the last remaining Cosmos flowers blooming in my little gardens to press for winters projects.

And one of the things that caught my eye this morning was the leaves lying all over the impatients like fall blankets protecting them from the chilly nites not yet awake. I had to run and get my camera because I couldn't pass up the thought of not remembering the feeling I had when I saw that. My Camera is my best friend because we share so much of the same passions like when it comes to the gardens and places where I've been. I need to capture the moment right there and then. So I can remember what it was like-that day, that time, that plant, that moment.

Another interesting site this morning was a big ole fat caterpillar chewing on the Yellow water iris leaves getting fat before he has to hibernate for the winter.

These are the things that I appreciate the most and "Thank "God" that I have the sight to see all these wonderful things around me inside and out.

Until next time.......Who knew keeping a blog would be work-VBG

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