Sunday, October 11, 2009

It's that time again......

Fall Festivals..Who can resist, certainly not me. I'm a sucker for every festival I can get too. This past Friday I went to the "SugarLoaf" Festival in Mont. Co. and what a real treat for me since this was my first time. I was invited to go with some good friends.

What a Beautiful day we had, the sun was shining, the company was great and the smells that hit you in the face as you got out of your vehicle.

As I walked around the covered stalls I know I looked like a kid in a Candy Shop with my "Eyes wide open" and my mouth dragging on the ground from "Awe" for these people who can produce such beautiful works of art, no matter what medium their working in.

I'm not much of a Jewelry person but I can appreciate the hard, tedious time that goes into this work. I love the Photographers, Potters, Glass Blowers, And the Watercolor Artist . I met a great watercolor Artist by the name of "John Sovjani" what a lovely person and his work is just awesome (go see for yourself). I had to get some prints to adorn my walls.

And what a real treat for me to meet one of my favorite pianist "Bob Geresti" he's awesome .What a down to earth kinda guy and so talented and the sounds that he has created that come out of the piano, well need I say more. I have him on my "Ipod" for listening pleasure.

Well, it was just a great place to be and as we left the grounds we discussed today's finds and had to stop for some coffee for the long ride home.

Thank You Fall and Thank You to all the talented people in this world. Without you I haven't traveled anywhere!!!


  1. Love the way you enjoy life. Sounds like a great day.

    Even more I LOVE your black and white photograph. So dynamic. It has to be one of your works of art right?