Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Watching the Birds and Daydreaming

Today I moved one of the Bird  feeders  closer to my Office window so I could enjoy the birds while I'm in there  doing whatever. Today  I found myself "Daydreaming" about spring while watching the birds feed.  I caught this cute little Titmouse with a seed in his mouth. Today was Windy, with gusts up to 40mph and cooler temps. And the birds were having a hard time staying put on the feeders. The beginning of the week started off in the 50's now back to 30, brr.
I did notice today while outside walking with Gracie that a few of the daffodil bulbs and a few others are up under the leaves about 1" high. These bulbs were planted in the front garden area so full sun all day. Not to many other things are showing signs of life yet. I do enjoy looking at the Perennials I left for visual effort in the garden over winter. Can't wait to get out there and clean all this up but still have  alot of Winter left. I"m  just siting here watching the birds and Daydreaming about everything and anything garden and those warm days outside with the sun on my face and a smile you can't wipe away. I'm in my glory come the first signs of spring. I get Cabin Fever really bad so the sooner the better for me.
And this spring are family will have a BIG  LOVELY SURPRISE, I will write about soon!!!
So I hope you have time to sit back and Daydream too. It's almost Zen like :)
To Garden and even think about Gardening is Divine!!!!