Tuesday, July 13, 2010

A new Window in the Garden (Shed) and help answer a few questions!

OK, here is the side of my little garden shed that didn't have a window. So I put in a 'Faux' window. I had acquired a few sets of old windows out of a older beach home.( I'm going to make 'Memory Tables' out of them). I had one odd-ball size so I used that.  So I sanded and caulked and painted  it to match my shed. I was going to put a beach scene behind the glass (still might do it) but I was anxious to get it up to see what it would look like. I will be planting big ferns under this window when the rain stops.
My little garden area on this side of the yard is coming together nicely. I still have alot of work . The more I walk around this area the more the ideas pop into my head.  Like MORE PLANTS. And maybe even a small knot garden, who knows what I'll be doing next. I do have alot of time on my hands now that I'm retired. But these things are what I was thinking about having while I was working all those years. And now I can finally put the plan to work. It might take a while and alot of hard work, but I'll do it "One Plant at a Time, One plan at a Time"

 I am a collector of all things but I have been collecting plant seeds for only a year now. That's why I wanted a little greenhouse so I could get a jump on this issue (another day another story). Let me know what you think?
The other day I painted another birdhouse. It is my 'Watermelon' house. Eventually these will go out in this part of the garden. I did a flower one I think last week when  I posted. I have to get some poles and hardware first. Have one more I'm working on, but I've got painters block. #1-The house hasn't told me what it wants to be yet!!! It's shaped like a barn so maybe that's a clue.  Let's see who will come up with an idea for me and my birdhouse. Let me know and I will pick and post after I paint it. Nothing hard I'm an amateur with the brush.

Today while walking in the garden I took pictures of all the different blue butterflies that were feasting on the flowers.
OK, here's question #2- I have a pink 'Crape Mrytle' in my yard that I noticed a couple  of little 'Mrytles'inches away from the big one. Can I dig these up and transplant somewhere now? I don't think they are connected to the mother shrub. Here's a picture:
#3-And one more question for my gardening friends. Who is this bug on my Purple Coneflower??? Is he good or bad. Doesn't he look like he's sporting a 'Tommy Bahama' tropical summer shirt. It's so bright! Ok So I will just leave with a couple pictures of what's blooming in the garden today!! I love Marigolds and this one caught my eye this year. Orange and yellow!!! It seems they are the only flower doing well in my Veggie bed!!!Black-eyed Susan-Maryland State FlowerAnd my last one is showing 'RAIN-DROPS' on my potted Caladiums. I can't help it I love these things. Why did I wait so long to put them in my garden?I want to thank you for stopping by and hope you enjoyed all the things that I do.  I'm so excited that we have had rain now about 3 1/2" my plants are happy and so am I. So Peace Out from me to you. And I hope you are having a marvelous garden day!!!!!


  1. I love the window on your shed! What a great idea. The watermelon birdhouse is very cute. I love birdhouses and anything with birds on it.
    What pretty flowers you have blooming and no wonder the butterflies love them!

  2. Your bug is:
    Species Atteva punctella - Ailanthus Webworm Moth http://bugguide.net/node/view/430/bgimage


  3. Thanks Catherine. And John I knew you would know, thanks for the info. I will go and research.

  4. Love the watermelon birdhouse! I wouldn't transplant the Myrtle unless you have to and then I would time the move to be on a rainy day to avoid heat/transplant shock.