Thursday, July 8, 2010

Garden Thoughts for Today

Today for me is one of those days where I feel I'm just walking around in a daze. The weather here is unbearable for me. I hate the  humidity and it makes the heat index go up even more.
This morning I got up like any other and did the normal routine things like going out with the dogs, oops coffee first and taking a leisurely stroll around the garden areas to see what I need to do to keep everybody alive here in the heat. Yes, I know Water, but you have to be careful living with a Well... The above picture is of my beautiful Lemon Yellow Daylily. This photo doesn't capture it's true beauty. It's super bright and she is one of the first daylilies you'll see  by the driveway and porch when you visit.

So I put the dogs back inside out of the heat and dragged out the hose to water yet again at O-Clock Thirty because it's just hot and I swear I'm drenched when I come in from watering. No, I didn't squirt myself, but I should have, maybe next time.
 Anyway I'm back inside and I think that's where I'm staying!!! I hate being in the house, because I see things I should be doing and I don't even what to do those things either..

So instead I'm picking up a garden book.  Not a how-to garden book ,or a design  your yard one, NO this time I need a little humor and historical facts and just a great all around read. The book I'm reading is : GREEN THOUGHTS: A writer in the Garden-by Eleanor Pere'nyi...

While I was doing a amazon search in the garden area I found this and ordered it along with a few others to read. Now they have come and I'm grabbing some tea and putting  my feet up and hibernate for a few hours.Just me and the dogs and a comfy spot. So don't call I won't answer the phone.
I hope you all are enjoying your gardens and I hope your temps are better then mine for gardening.. So Peace Out and Enjoy the day.


  1. Hi Joyce! This is exactly how I feel when it's too hot outside! And it looks like our heat wave is coming! I think this is the best decision - to grab a good book and enjoy it. Your lilies are pretty! Mine are about to open any time now. Have a great day!

  2. I just ordered that book last night, after seeing it mentioned in several blogs recently and can't wait until it arrives. We have the same weather and I am suffering along with you! I am confined to a desk all day at work and so I hate it when it's just too hot to enjoy the limited time available to spend outside.

  3. I hope you get some relief from the heat soon. Curling up with a good book in a nice cool area sounds like a great idea. Your lilies are beautiful and the glass collection is very cool too. Do you make jewelry with it?