Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Glass, Grass and Rocks and some Plant issues too.

Afternoon to all. Here in Maryland we are having a "Code Red" couple of days-UGH. Nasty hot and humid. Not fit for man nor beast. As you can see we did some 'Glassing' on Monday. Here are some of my favorites in an empty egg carton. My favorite piece has to be the thick blue pottery shard, it's awesome. And some real nice dark browns, chunky thick whites, blues, aquas, different shades of green and some milk glass. And yes, I collect rocks and tumbled bricks. I added a couple of flowers to keep with the garden theme :) 

And here are a couple of rocks I painted to sit around the gardens. I love to just pull out a paintbrush and start painting on stuff, very relaxing.

I love grasses and here are just a few of what I have so far. I will be putting in more. But here are the names. Ribbon Grass, Dwarf Zebra Grasses, Miscanthus Something (I forgot) Mexican feather Grass, Black Mundo Grass, Dwarf Mundo Grass green, and a few Lirope Variegated and green.
And here are my plants issues. First off My beautiful Yellow Coneflower-Echinacea x 'Matthew Saul' someone is eating the leaves. This plant is so pretty with the  golden yellow leaves and a bronze center, what to do HELP! I really don't want to use chemicals...but I really don't want to lose anything in the garden. Or should I just forget about it and wait for another season.  And here is another issue-My Texas Cactus has a boo-boo. I pulled off a leaf last year to give to a friend and it's turned black. It has been in this pot for 3 yrs now. Do you think I can plant this in my yard. I wasn't sure if our winters would kill it? HELP.And last but not least is a past memory of the winter. We had alot of snow and while I was sitting here out of the HEAT I thought I would post a memory of a cooler time :) So thanks again for visiting my blog and I love your feedback and great comments.. There are some very talented gardeners on my blog listed on the right side here. Please pay them a visit and learn a thing or two and even get a 'CHUCKLE and even go traveling to beautiful gardens around the world'.  Gardeners are caring, happy, Informative,  funny people with an obsession to make things grow and look good too!!! Have a marvelous Day!!!


  1. Ahhh, the snow photo looks wonderful in this heat! I like your grasses and cheery, yellow coneflowers.

  2. The weather for your part of the country has been on the news here. Sure hope it cools a little. We are actually happy to be getting some upper 80 degree weather here since it has been so cool and wet.
    I love the paintings on your rocks, you're very talented! You garden looks great and not bothered by the weather at all.

  3. Thanks Amy and Catherine. It's been a scorcher here. Go out super early to water the plants that are surviving.
    Catherine-I'm glad you getting a little upper 80degree weather. We need RAIN none for a month-ugh