Wednesday, June 30, 2010

HELP too many Iries-I need a 12 step program-quick!!!!!

Today the weather finally broke!! Low 80's-woo-who! The humidity will be giving me a break for a few days. So I had to get outside and tackle the Iris bed that has been bothering me for some time now! This is where my new Greenhouse is going so I had to dig up over 100 plus Iries to make room over there to put the greenhouse in the full sun. And I'm sharing photos of all the Iries I dug out and laid out to dry for a few days. I will wash them today in bleach and water and cut back the leaves to about 6" before I replant them.   I had a hard time letting go of some, but I just had to. I separated the babies and put them in my "Share Bucket", there is over 50 babies in there.  I can not for the life of me throw any of these away because I'm not sure which one is which. Some are labeled but most are not. I had my trusty magic marker to write on the leaves of the ones I knew.  I am going to scream trying to find places for all of these, but I will do it...if it kills me:)
I feel like one of the persons on the "Hoarder" shows. I just can't part with these, it was hard enough to have that share bucket. I wished some of you were closer I could share.  I am an 'IRIS ADDICT" and I need a 12 step program. Maybe I need one of these anyway-big smile. Needless to say the greenhouse isn't going to be put up today because the 'MUSCLE" went golfing. And I know the "MUSCLE"  isn't going to feel like dealing with it when he returns!!! Too bad I need 2 people for this project or it would have been done by now!!
June has been a very, very hot, humid month and not alot going on just trying to keep things alive. No rain to speak of. My Rain Barrels sit empty-ugh. And don't see any rain till after the 4th of July holiday. It's been a challenge. I did get my first pickings of bush beans today-11 to count :) Hey it's a start. My Squash plants have alot of flowers. I keeping my fingers crossed on all my veggies this year, it's been a strange one. Here are some daylilies blooming that will keep me happy.
OK, that should do it for now. I think I need a 12 step for Daylilies too, What do you'll think? Thanks for stopping by and have an awesome day. And think about me planting all those Iries!! I think I need an extra pair of hands, GOT ANY? This is me signing out for sure!! If I don't get to thank you for leaving comments on my blog it is greatly appreciated!!


  1. That is quite a collection of Irises!

  2. You may wish to do what I do with my Iris... it is so rewarding:

  3. My goodness Joyce !
    I think we all go a bit overboard with at least one and usually several plants we absolutely love .. so a gardener 12 step program should be up and running all the time ! haha
    Your day lilies are very pretty .. I have a little crush on them .. I collected a lot of nice yellow ones like Stella and her off spring. Now I want dark dark ones .. got Strutters Ball yesterday along with a few other plant kids I had to SQUEEZE in my garden.
    I would love to have a greenhouse too !! .. and I have a golfer/fisherman muscle guy here too but he is a good little garden helper when I need him .. too funny !
    Thanks very much for the fav on my blog : )
    PS .. I only have a couple of irises but I have an idea what an obsession with them would be like ! LOL

  4. Good luck with all the irises-and the greenhouse. We put a 6x8 up this March and I think you may need one more pair of hands to hold the supports. We borrowed our neighbor's child and she really helped alot. Your daylilies keep me happy too. Most beautiful. No 12 step needed for them as you can't have too many. Have a great holiday weekend!

  5. Thanks and Welcome everyone for your great comments. Tina & GardenJoy4me I agree you can't have enough daylilies either. I just bought another off ebay. Something blue eyes I can't wait. But the Iries I have gone a little over board. I think because they remind me days gone by. They were my first love in gardening. That's what got me started. I visited an 'Iris Farm' and it was all down hill from there. I will be sharing, I read the post from Grandmothers Garden and taking her advice. Pay it forward :)

  6. You have posted awesome picture of flowers. Flowers bring so much joy to those who have the time enjoy them.