Tuesday, June 29, 2010

STOP PUSHING ME-Allright-Allready!!

Today's topic is "Over-crowding". Every year at the end of the season I find myself going  out and buying plants that I feel sorry for, and  also looking for a good bargains-too funny. Well at the time it's a great bargain, but alot of times these plants wait till the last minute to be put into the ground. Then I scurry around like a Mad-Women trying to fit everybody in! I know I'm not alone by a long shot because well you know who you are!  When I go shopping I have no idea where I'm going to plant these poor things. But I know me, I either saw them on someones blog or garden or just in a book and I had to have these!!! I don't do this all the time, actually I am pretty organized . But at the end of the season I start getting really bored!!  And yes this is the final result, OVERCROWDING. As you can see from this picture, which was taken from the porch side, this garden has alot of plants and this is the back side. This year I didn't count on the "Hydrangea" to taking over this area. I think because of all the snow we got this past winter this shrub has grown leaps and bounds. Plus I pruned early in the spring because of winter damage and it's pushing it's way into the perennials now. Here is the list of plants pushing and shoving in this area:( 'Heuchera-Prince, 'Coreopsis'Red Shift', Daylilies, Agastache-'Summer Sky, Japanese Irises, Sempervivum, and blue-eyed grasses and some containers. Plus there are 'Platycodon g. 'Mariesii' Blue seedlings all over the place. This plant is invasive for me. If you need any seeds let me know and I will surely send them to you...I have replanted this plant forever, don't need anymore, but I can't just pull them out and discard.  OK, so for me this is what happens without a plan of some kind. NOW it's hot as HELL and the plants are surviving but the gardener is feeling a little overwhelmed, this happens, because I can't move anything in this stinking heat. I don't what to sacrifice my plants by moving them now!
OK, so here are a few plants that I really like and that are working for me where they are planted. The First is Eupatorium rugosum 'Chocolate' known as Joe Pye Weed. This is a smaller version of the big one and this gets little white flowers on it. I said I wouldn't put Joe Pye Weed in my garden but I found this Medium size guy and I love the foliage. It's like a burgundy/silver/green. Love it. Yes, I'm noticing alot of bite marks on my plants, I don't use ANY chemicals on my gardens, but I do need a good insecticide. Maybe just soap and water (it works for me)!
And speaking of bite-marks I've been invaded by "Tomato Hornworms"-UGH. My poor maters are having a ruff go of it this year. I've always had good luck with this raised bed but this year the they are taking a beating. Here is the culprit

I hate picking these things off so I got out the pruners and cut that limb off into a pot and threw them down on the ground and mashed them. I was reading somewhere it said if you see white egg sacs over their backs leave them be. These eggs are a parasitic Wasp called 'Braconid Wasp'. Let them hatch and they will defend your garden against all kinds of pests. Well, I didn't see any eggs so I killed'um. Now I feel bad, that's sad.
And this is the "Hosta Fairy" she needs a make-over. I will take her out paint the original colors back on her. She was very pretty with all her color but now she is a little pale. I'm going to antique the urn behind her. Using black concrete paint first and then dry rubbing brown over it. I let you know how it turns out. I have 4 of these to do. So with that in mind and not as humid today I will sign out.
 Have a marvelous garden day in your yard and watch out for all the arguing of the plants trying to stand their ground in the garden.....Remember plan, plan, and plan again (sounds good). I guess I should take my own advice :)


  1. Chuckle! yes I am one who does the same.

  2. Jennifer I'm glad someone is fessing up to garden like me. I'm not one for perfect anything I try but I just can't leave a bare spot :) Thanks for visiting...Joyce

  3. Wow the garden is pushing on all sides! Never seen those bugs before, they look cute, but bet they cause havoc.

  4. Hi Joyce, You must've been talking to me in this post. I have a hydrangea that is even as we speak smothering some pretty heleniums. Sigh. Now to find a spot for those helens as I will not move the hydrangea. I am so guilty of overcrowding and get overwhelmed (pun not intended) by the plants taking over too. It is a never ending battle and one I hate, though it sure helps to know others go thru it too. That is the beauty of blogging-we are not alone in our trials and tribulations. It helps it to hurt just a little less:)

    I was looking thru your blog and boy do I love sea glassing. I'm from the beach in Maine and it is still one of my favorite things to do. When I go up there I comb the beach but there doesn't seem to be as much sea glass anymore. I think the deposit on bottles has helped to reduce the litter-and unfortunately sea glass. Your sea glass is so pretty. Lucky you to live by the ocean. No ocean in Tennessee but that's ok.

    I almost missed your visit this morning. So glad you dropped by so I can find your blog. Any gardener who likes lots of color in the garden is my kind of gardener! Glad to see you are a member of Blotanical too. An interesting place for garden bloggers. Okay, you take care and have a wonderful holiday weekend! P.S. We need to start a poison ivy hating group because I'm there too!

  5. Joyce .. you had to be here yesterday when I was running around doing the over crowding thing as well .. I hit about 4 garden centers and had a good sized group of garden kids looking for a home with me .. or did I kidnap them because they too were on sale ? LOL
    I have full sized Joe Pye Eupatorium maculatum
    and 'Chocolate" and 'Little Joe" ... Big Joe is a BIG guy but I have control over him, or so he lets me think that ? haha .. he serves as screening on my back fence against my shall we say 'loud' talky neighbor .. so he does a good job for me : )
    We just can't leave those plants at the end of the season on their own .. that would be cruel girl ! LOL