Friday, June 18, 2010

A Barrel of Thoughts....

Morning All, I thought I'd get in a few thoughts and photos before I head out in the Sun. Here are my pics. of what I've been working on this past week (on and off). I finished the long brick walk. I've  extended  the bricks out in front of the little garden shed. I know your sick of seeing my garden shed but this is what started it all last year!!  I was determined to take away as much grass as possible and make this area my own!!! I ended the walk with a circle pattern around the "Barrel".
As you know I love to walk on the beaches and pick up everything and since this past winter I have quite a collection of rocks, big, small, black, white you get the picture. Well they were starting to take over my office so I had to figure what to do with them. Here is what I'm using them for...I put white and brown sea glass around the beginning bricks and put the little rocks on around the bottom half. As you can see I need more rocks. Won't be able to pick up any this weekend so will have to wait. Not to shabby for a self-taught and alot of time of my hands gardener,yeh. Here are the picks of the area now. I have gained about 3ft more of gardening space on the right of the barrel. This year I will just put down 6 layers of paper and more mulch and try and wait for next year to plant in. I will be putting a Herb garden on the left side of the barrel. And this weekend maybe the Greenhouse will go up. Wish me luck. This garden area get FULL SUN all day on the left side so I really have to thing things thru, what to buy and plant. As a gardener I know I need "Bones" for my garden and I haven't quite got that down. I need to read more about what to do. Yes, I need help but I'm a self-taught everything kinda of person :) So with that in mind I will sign-off and you can look at my photos and give your opinions. Peace Out and have an awesome Garden Day!!!!


  1. Hi Peeoknee! You have several things in your garden which I would love to have - a garden shed(!), brick walk and an area with full sun!And I forgot a greenhouse The raised bed in the pictures looks very good! These are very important things. I also like the fact that you are planning ahead. I wish I did more planning when started my garden in 2004....
    Thank you for your kind commenton my blog!

  2. having an old barrel in the middle, does encourage thoughts to pour in... and nostalgia as well...

  3. Peeoknee,

    Your design looks to be shaping up! I'd would say that you're on the right 'path' ;-D

    (And yes, Rose of Sharon is a common name for Hibiscus. Thanks for stopping by. I invite you to check out Alice's Garden Travel Buzz, too.)

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