Tuesday, June 8, 2010

A New(old) Brick Path for the Garden....

Morning All. This is the new walk I put in yesterday .There was a break in the weather (74) so I decided to lay the  brick path(3'x22') so far not finished yet . This is a natural walk  just layed the bricks on landscape cloth to kill the grass underneath. These are used older bricks that I acquired from a "Freecycle group". My husband and I last year picked up about 600 plus bricks and stored them until the idea came to mind. Plus I got 2ft more on the left for more flowers-yeah!!!!!  I layed alot of newspaper down and mulch and will plant this area either the end of season or wait for next spring.

I was going to  use my bricks  for another project , but that one bit the dust. I was going to make a patio with a raised brick fish pond but got discouraged when I couldn't find the exact water feature that I was looking for so I quit, oh well, another day...So when I designed this garden area the bricks were a great addition to the plan.
Actually I put down the pea gravel path between the Raised Vegetable Bed and the Vegetable Garden and the ground, you can see in the background.
This walk is under a big tree and I had to accommodate for the roots so you will notice a couple of areas that have no bricks. This will be planted out with steppable plants I purchased. One plant at a time.

Here are a few plants that are catching my eye this week in the garden.  This is "Wild Horses" Daylily. She is Creme and Burgundy and a large flower. I bought this plant last year when it was cheaper then it's debut year was quite expansive. I love it. And glad to have this addition to the daylily garden. I try and buy a new one every year or so. Can't get enough.
Here is another favorite Hosta I fell upon at a garden center
about 5years ago. It's called "Abilique Drinking Gourd"
The leaves are blue/gray and the curl up to catch the rain
and what ever else comes its way. I have seen the birds
drink from the leaves. Very cool and now it's blooming
a beautiful white flower. I have giving this one away to 
many a friend but this year I won't divide. It's awesome. 
 Gonna get back outside and do some planting of seeds and plants along the walk. There is just so many beautiful things happening here, birds, weather, friends, fish pond dilemma, and the best is yet to come.
Jerry and I will be celebrating our 35th anniversary come June 21. First day of Summer, that way we wouldn't forget the date-funny. But bless his golf ball sized heart he bought me a...... I will let you know when it arrives, keeping you in suspense. I can't wait. Isn't it nice that someone knows what you like and need ... Well, happy planting and enjoy this beautiful day. See you soon and "Peace Out"and see you on your blogs!!!


  1. I love your walk, looks great!

  2. How clever you are! The walkway looks wonderful.

  3. Thanks again witchymee and Ellie for your comments on my blog-garden. Love working outside and I have a gazillion ideas in my head. Now, all I need is the strong back and the $...:)

  4. What a great brick walk! I really like that Hosta too, the leaves are a pretty shape.

  5. You did an amazing job on the walk. Love the hosta, I shall have to look for it.

  6. Path look super!
    and a beautiful daylily. I miss having enough sun in my garden these days.

  7. Looking so good. Wish you were here to inspire me.