Thursday, June 17, 2010

Angels To Watch Over Me

Evening All, I hadn't given this alot of thought before but while walking thru the yard taking pictures I noticed alot of "Angels" (I see a theme) watching over me. These little guys have been here a long time. I don't normally buy cherubs, angels, I do like fairies-who doesn't. I have alot of stuff in my gardens. I like to look at these things as much as my flowers.

The first little guy was half price because he didn't have his original ball to hold in his little hands. But I didn't see a problem with that and snatched him right up out of the 1/2 price area in the garden center. Boy he was a heavy one too.  I gave him a Glass Fishing Float I had laying around , he's been happy ever since. Doesn't know any difference.

My next little angel is a kneeling angel, small and very quiet  watching over my Japanese Maple. This Winter my better half pushed him right off his rock moving snow and broke his little hands. But I'm going to fix him.

And the next one I call the "Pond Angel" he's been with me for about 14 yrs. and has watched over my flower gardens until he got an official title. I put in a small 100 gallon pond a couple of years ago and he's been there ever since, sitting quietly with his little hands folded in front and his legs crossed dangling in the water by the "Rush" and the "Water Iries".
But for the past couple of years I think I need to put a cactus by the pond. Why you say, well I've been losing all my fish lately and don't know who the villain is.

We even went so far as to buy an "Alligator" (Bob) to spit on whoever entered the pond area. But he spit all the time and well, he was shooting water out onto  the ground and I was losing to much water,  so now he just sits and watches thru the "Pickerel Rush".
I  just like to  show everyone some of the things in my gardens that keep me entertained and easy on the eyes. Here are a few plants blooming in the garden right now.  The first is Stachy's 'Hummelo" mountain lambs ears. Cute little lavender flowers and great in the front of the border. I use rocks as plant markers. The next one is: 'Gooseneck Loosestrife" this is invasive for me and I'm constantly pulling the runners. But I like how the flower heads look like geese.

And another thing is easy on the eyes are the 'Playtocodon and the Big Blue Hydrangea'. This is looking out from the sun room/porch. And last the 'Caladiums-Miss Muffet and I forgot the red one :) So I won't keep you any longer. Have a fantastic evening and I'll be back tomorrow with more projects. Peace Out and happy gardening to all...And I hope everyone has a garden angel to watch over them!!


  1. I love your angels, especially the pond angel!

  2. Thanks Ginny. He was my first Angel I think. Very heavy...