Thursday, June 10, 2010

Rocks, Bricks, Herbs, in the Hot Sun!!

Afternoon All, wow you turn your back and take a break and the weather gets Hot again. Yesterday evening when I walked outside with my journal and pencil in hand I had a vision of what else I could do to this area of my garden.
And the pictures tell the story. Let me back up a little. The other day while I was visiting my friend she gave me a couple of little Japanese Maples-Umm ,where can I put these?
So the wheels starting turning. When I went out in the yard last night I took a paper and pencil and starting designing this area. I finished the long brick walk and added an additional 5' walk in front of shed leading you to a Barrel with bricks laid in a "Sun/Wheel" pattern thingy (Not done yet). I am going to plant one of  the maples in the Barrel!! Maples like Sun, right? And I'm extending the garden out around the bricks. I am putting in a new "Herb" area and the left side. And I'm moving some grasses to give a focal point as to where to come into the garden. And here's a close-up of the unfinished barrel pattern.

Ok, on too next project!!! This is the finished little Gnome Cottage that I painted on a rock for a friends Birthday. Front/Back/Side Views, What do you think?So I'm going to take a break for now and be back later with more of my favorite plants. Peace Out from this gardener to you! Happy Grilling :)


  1. Darling, darling!! Really creative ideas, Joyce. Love the photos.

  2. Thanks Marte. Glad you were here. How's your beautiful gardens coming along and your brick path. Hope to see ya, soon. thanks