Sunday, June 27, 2010

This is why I love to Garden......

Morning All, for some reason I couldn't sleep this morning. So what better to do then sit down and blog :) Anyway yesterday morning when I got up to see two squirrels outside on  the Black Walnut trees playing around. So before I let the dogs out of course I had to run to get my camera and see if I could get a shot.  We have quite a few of these trees and (SQ's)-another name for squirrels here with the dogs we have to talk like this around the them or they will bolt after them so we have a little language of are own for the dogs and the animals around us. Anyway I'm always finding these nuts in my gardens hiding and I swear sometimes I see the  SQ's  throw them down at the dogs. The dogs have an Invisible Fence around the yard but aren't allowed down in the lower 40. So they're  far enough away from Nature to let the other animals be. Like Deer, Groundhogs, Squirrels, Foxes, Turkeys, and a Murder of Crows!!!

Anyway the story is I think this is a "Mother SQ and her youngster trying to hold him/her still long enough to clean. I can relate!! They are so cute up there but when they come down their they reek havoc!! They dig in my garden, hide nuts, eat all the bird seed (I don't mind cause they need food too.) I just wish they weren't such pigs. The dictionary calls them: "Tree Dwelling Rodents with a bushy tail. Well take off the tail and I have 2 living in my basement, eating all of my food too-and you know who you are:)  But anyway, I just love walking around the property, it gives me a peace of mind that I really don't get anywhere else  and it stills my head. I swear sometimes I have Adult ADD!  If you've ever seen the Movie "UP" I'm the Dog!!! Where-Where-Where that's my head. And I have a gazillion ideas in there popping up all the time.Ok, back to why I was here. It's been really hot here in Maryland and really not a sun worshipper. I'm a shade dweller, but I do like the beach with cover :)
Friday two things happen that I really hate!!!! My pond pump stopped working so had to invest in another, and the other thing is 'Harley' rolled in Deer Poop, yes I said it!! Man I hate that. He had a good ole' time before I could yell at him. So needless to say it was in the tub for him and me, first thing in the morning too-ugh! So all day I took him out on the leash so not to tempt him again. I cleaned up the mess! I don't mind cleaning up after the dogs but the resident wildlife really needs to do their own and stay down at the lower 40!! So Life goes on here and I still having to water alot and the humidity is really up there also. Today the Heat Index will take us to 105degress-ugh. OK, garden stuff below.........................................
Here is mystery plant that I had talked about much earlier, well it has some kind of flower heads now here is a picture, I hope it will be a 'Crocosmia' I can't wait. I'm sure I planted it just don't remember what I put in there. Last year I only had leaves last year and  this year it's going to bloom-woo-who!!
And here's  a plant my friend gave to me,these are little babies. I just loved hers. And hers grows all over the place. We found these guys back in the wooded area. So I got to bring them home. They are very tender and need alot of water and I've got them in a sheltered area in the bright shade :)  I'm not sure what it is, maybe a bloody dock, it has red veins thru it just like beets, but not a beet plant. This gets a white flower spike. And my friend doesn't keep notes, or tags she just pops stuff in. It's tough being a plant there cause if you don't look good your out of there. Me, I pour my soul into my gardens and get a little sad if something dies, because I know it's ME not the PLANT, usually.

And here are some other things that keep me gardening, I love nature!!!
Just the little things make me happy in my garden and to see all the beautiful gifts I get outside everyday, weather good or bad I'm thankful for sight to see it all and be part of it. And my gardens aren't perfect and my flowers don't stand at attention but I know that when I go outside they will be there to greet me and put a smile on my face. So Peace Out and I'm off to paint some Windows-woo-who. Have a great day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Joyce, I too enjoy the antics of the squirrels but wish they weren't so greedy. Our gardens are magical places, with so much to bring us pleasure and joy, and I am sure there are folks who are not gardeners, who wonder about our obsession.
    here is a link to my latest post, all about my fun with a squirrel. He hasn't given up and still visits.

    happy gardening

  2. Those pesky squirrels can do a lot of damage but they sure provide a lot entertainment too. I love your photos and especially the picture of the frog in the pond. I'm always so happy when the frogs move into my ponds - I like to take it as a sign that nature is in balance in the backyard.

  3. Love all your little critters in your yard. We don't like squirrels at all. They cause havoc everywhere, especially burying the acorns everywhere in the garden.

  4. Hi Joyce: Critters of all types and sizes are common in our gardens. We share our gardens with the others who live here and even some from around the neighborhood.

    Enjoy your day,

  5. Hi Joyce! I have love/hate relationship with these cute bushytailed rodents.I also believe that they throw pinecones at my dog and me!They make me very upset when they turn our driveway to a big brown mess. This year, our trees have enormous volume of pinecones, and they all get shelled by squirrels.
    You are brave to grow crocosmia. I enjoyed it for several years, and now, I try to get rid of it. It spreaded wildly and tried to take over my garden. I put several plants into the pots, but the rest should be eliminated.
    Love your pictures! That froggy is cute!

  6. Morning John and Liza glad you could stop by. Glad you are here. And Tatyana,this is the first year I'm getting a flower on those crocosmia, I might take your advice and put some in a pot. I'm in Zone 7 so not sure if they would survive. And I also like frogs, they make the garden happy.