Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Oh, The Dog Days of Summer And More.....

Here are the 4leggers taking a break from the "Heat"!!! This is their couch in my office. The little one is "Gracie" and the rather large one is "Harley". Just thought I'd show a photo of my garden buddies (sometimes).
And remember that SURPRISE I was talking about well "IT's HERE" Oh my Gosh, Jerry bought me a little Greenhouse (6 X 8). This year we are celebrating our "35"yr. Anniversary :) Hope we'll still together after putting this thing together, just a little marriage humor there. I can't think straight since it got here. I have to be patient because I have alot of garden work to do before my greenhouse has its final resting place......

Anyway, alot of course goes on when you have gardens to tend to and life in general. I took a break on Sat. and went "Glassing" with my friends Sea glassing. What a fantastic day, the wind was blowing, the sun was hot and all the surroundings were just awesome. I even had a lady on the beach help pick-up a few pieces.
We always make a day of it because we go far away from home to find it!!! Not telling it's a secret :) Here is a picture of my stash for that day-not a great picture but there are prime pieces in there and more.

 OK, so much for the goings on in my little world. I would like to show you some more of my favorite plants blooming right now.This is Japanese Iris "Lady in Waiting" I rec'd this from a dear friend. When we buy stuff we sometimes get one for the other friends garden, share and share alike.

OK, this one is yellow "Lantana" it's an annual here and one of my favorites. I love all "Lantanas" but the yellow is my favorite. And one of my treasured little mini,mini hosta that I protect. Don't know the name I've had it forever, when I didn't keep the tags and write stuff, that long ago. It gets beautiful purple flowers with a white stripe, just cute, cute, cute...

So I will cut it short for now because I'm a chatter box of information waiting to get out. Today I'm having a break in the hot,humid weather so I'm back outside doing a little planting. So everyone have a "Fantastic" day and enjoy your gardens and don't forget to read a good book and a glass of Iced Tea in your favorite garden chair. Peace Out until tomorrow....


  1. Joyce,
    First of all, Congrats on 35 years!
    Glassing? Who knew. I've been known to create mosaic work and decorate garden pieces with smooth glass bits, but like a silly, I paid for them.
    Please, next time you go, can I come along;~D
    If I had a large stash, who knows what wonderful creations I could come up with.
    Hope you're enjoying good weather,

  2. glassing, eh...what on earth is that?..where do you live that you can find so much glass on a beach...in Australia I can honestly say, I have never found one! I would love to, since I have done garden mosaics before, and glass is so lovely...cute dogs...all the best Kathryn

  3. Alice it's nice to know another seaglass addict. I would love to see your work. Maybe some on your blog. I will see. I am getting ready to put some white glass on a old window I'm painting. Stuff is "FUN". My family thinks I'm a little crazy but better that then putting me away :) Happy gardening!!

    Kathryn, glassing is picking up frosted seaglass on the beaches. Seeing if you find a beautiful color in the mix. We are on the east coast of U.S. I love mosaics and have acquired alot of tiles and broken plates but haven't done anything yet. In the spring and summer I'm bottom up in the garden. Thanks for you nice comments. please return