Sunday, August 1, 2010

Who told the "OSPREY" I (had) Fish!!!

What a glorious Sunday here in my part of the world.  The temps are only 88 and maybe a little rain to come later. Today is my last day for House/Cat sitting. It will be strange to sleep in. And I have "Chiggers" from the they itch.
Anyway, I awoke to a beautiful August 1st. My birth Month :) Yes I'm  a Virgin, I mean Virgo the Virgin :)
When I went out with the 4-leggers this morning I had to turn around and run back  in the house for my camera! You know I can't go outside without it, but it was too early to think about extra outside activity happening. I could hardly think straight it was so noisy. Our Neighbors have this huge dead tree and perched on top of it this morning was a HUGE OSPREY.  And flying around it was the resident Evil (Black Birds) so noisy. I've never the Osprey so far in before. We are about a mile or so from the beach/Water. They are mainly down by the water. Well, I think I figured out why he was here.........I have no fish in my pond! He must have dined while I was sleeping. So I guess I will make a fish run and now put a stupid net on my little  pond-ugh Here are the photos of the osprey and the crows.

And here is the one crow sitting on the branch behind the Osprey, it looks like he's sitting on his head he was that close. Those Crows are big too.

And while outside I was able to capture a shot of our little Deer Family. Aren't they cute...they don't run off until the dogs bark and these guys hadn't been spotted by the 4 leggers. So I will sign off for today and return to play another day. Enjoy my wildlife, I sure do. I'm so blessed. Have an awesome Garden Day. And thanks for stopping by!!!


  1. You have a lot of wildlife in your garden!

  2. If you only new Carol! These are the cute ones. Life happens all around for sure.

  3. I have Blue Herons come visit my pond. I have stakes around the pond then use fishing line between the stakes and across the pond. This has worked for me and I can still enjoy my fish and the lilies can still bloom. Good luck!

  4. Deer and Osprey! Wow, so much wildlife to see!

  5. Wow,

    You have deers in your garden. Can you tell me how many deers you have in your garden?