Saturday, August 7, 2010

This little Piggy had a Garden...

And the Gardener ignored the little piggy. She had gotten so busy and procrastinated with  taken care of everybody else's needs. And so the little piggy ran and hid under her big Hosta. The Gardener thought her little piggy got throw away and was very sad that she hadn't paid him any attention. She thought she hadn't  seen him around in the garden. And that's because she was off doing other garden areas.

And then one morning in August the temperatures dropped and there  wasn't any humidity to speak of. Mean-time the gardener was disgusted with her messy gardens! And was envious of those who had such nice clean gardens! Over time she had  carefully planned this garden, it was her first in the new place. She worked her gardens always by herself with the little piggy near by. But  it got to be too much for the Little  Piggy, and he too was disgusted and didn't want any part of the garden any longer.

So she thought and thought and she shut off her Computer and went outside. She wasn't worried about the inside chores they would come later.  So off she went with her 'Blue Garden Crocs'  and tools in hand and of course her camera. Before she knew it she had weeded those awful messy gardens and low and behold there was her friend waiting for her underneath the big Fat Hosta with a big fat grin!!

The moral of this story is: " That no matter how messy your gardens are your friends will be there waiting  for you!!!


  1. Very cute story and moral.

  2. It's good to know my garden friends will be there when I clean up my messy garden. Friggin Frog (not named by me) is out there somewhere.