Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The Vultures are starting to Circle the Garden!!!

Yesterday Morning before heading out for a bit I noticed a bunch of Vultures circling around the Garden areas. Does this mean my garden has died and the stench is bringing in the local riff-raft?  Are they here to pick up the pieces of my broken down flowers?.  Is this a sign to pack it in for the season? Oh Woe is me. I've never had the Vultures tell me before that my gardens really stink!!!  But apparently it's in the air! But the more I think about it the Gardens have had a rough go of it this Summer. For me this has been a bad last couple of months.
I've watered when there wasn't any, I've amended, I've mulched, I've composted, I've weeded and I've poured my blood (roses pricking) sweat (laboring all those new ideas) tears (when I couldn't get it right).

 And yeah, speaking of mulch I've got these little mushroom fungus looking things in my mulch that I'm not really crazy about. I got my mulch from a different source this year, I'm not really crazy about the outcome of how it looks. I guess  I'll have to loosen the grip I guess.
But you know each time I walk outside in the Garden I still get a sense of worth. I know my Garden won't let me down. And I know each year it's teaches me something about what I need to do to make it better next season!!! I'm blessed to have a garden. Alot of people aren't able to have one much less get out and enjoy their bounty. Sure, I complain, and -itch, but all in all I'm so glad to be a Gardener. I love that the Garden   teaches me to be quiet, and slow down, and enjoy the beautiful colors and shapes and surprises that I get each year. My favorite garden months are January thru December.
And all is not lost I still have my annuals to keep me going thru the frost. I'm waiting for the sedums to bloom and the grasses are almost ready to show their plumage. So I'll sign off for right now with this thought!!!

Life is Good, Gardening is GREAT now it's time to take that Break!

Have a great day. Joyce


  1. Joyce; You may have a dead creature some where around it could also be the mushroom fungus things in the mulch that is attracting the Vultures.

    Have a great day,

  2. Ah, you are in a better place than I. My attitude stinks right now with temps at 106--I'm surprised the vultures are not circling Me! But I will be in a better frame of mind when that first cool front dips down around October, and I can get out in the garden again for earnest.

  3. It's been a rough summer for all of us! Strange weather and rain patterns. I'm tired and ready for Fall!

  4. I've read that those fungus or mushrooms are actually beneficial and a sign that you've got healthy soil. So how's that for a positive spin?

    I think we all feel some melancholy this time of year. I know I do. Like you, I just look for something positive to focus on. Thankfully gardens are never stagnant. Change, good or bad is inevitable.

  5. Wow. Vultures are very rare for these sightings. But they look really majestic when they fly over your area. But it could mean something bad also. But don't you worry. Your garden looks well. Look at the flowers.

  6. I am with you 10 percent. Time for a break. I have bulbs coming in October, so I have to prolong my break, but I certainly need it. Nice words BTW. I guess the vultures found the carcass by now. :grin:

  7. I agree with Grace. Mushrooms growing in garden soil means that the soil is oozing with nutrients! Anyways, i think those vultures are migrating. LOL. Looking for someplace to nest! hey, check out your chimney, maybe mommy vulture had her nest there! LOL

  8. I totally agree to Grace Peterson that mushroom in your garden means you have a healthy soil. If I have mushrooms in my garden I will really love to plant more crops. Lol. You are lucky that you have that in your garden.