Monday, August 2, 2010

It all Started w/a Blue Birdbath

This is my side Garden in the Year of 2007. This garden was one of the first I planted when we moved to this location. There were no plants to speak of. The owner had dug everything up after the Contract was signed. So I had a blank slate to work with. Our property is 3 acres. One of those Acres is woods. The top of the property is pretty flat with a few little hills and the back half drops down to the lower forty I like to call. That's where all the wildlife play and eat. Thank Goodness or I wouldn't have a garden!!! This little garden was planned while I was still working . Now I'm retired and have taken this little garden to the next level. Here are the steps to my side Garden that is now my "Sitting Garden".

The Blue Birdbath I made out of Terra Cotta Pots for this garden, then one winter I didn't put it away and it cracked. So when I retired my best friend gave me a beautiful Birdbath we had seen together on a trip to the nursery and at the time I didn't have the money. And then when I went back to buy it, it was gone-:(  But to my surprise it now sits in MY Garden. Here is the story of how it all began:
1. The Birdbath. June 2005, this birdbath has been in a few places in my garden until it found the right spot......
2. Plan and Rototiller and Amend the Area. Move all those stinking heavy boulders. August 2008

3. Here it is in 2008. Planted with a few perennials. Some since have passed.

4. A path to the birdbath. I planted dwarf mundo grass in the empty block sections. And planted Catmint around the base of the birdbath. I never thought until just now about CATmint and BIRDbath :) No injuries to this date :)

5. Bed with mulch the following Spring 09... I added that trellis. The trellis was from another part of the yard. But it needed to be over here.

And this is my Garden today August 2010. I have added a Garden Shed, Paths, A new Hosta side bed, Sitting Area, Compost area, Raised Veggie beds, and 2010 came a new Greenhouse for me to see if I can grow my own stuff. I am very happy with this area and still not done I have another 3ft added to the plant area that I will plant next year. This year I will  just amend that part of the garden soil for next years planting.I have more plans in my head.. Well I hope you have enjoyed seeing all my hard work. And I love this little Cottage/Sitting Area. It's not professional but it's mine to enjoy,  read a good book and a cool glass of Sweet Tea. Thanks for coming over and see you again soon. Joyce


  1. I love to see pictures of people start their gardens. I too had a path similar to yours to my bird bath. I love your blue one! I will add you to my list of blogs I follow, so that I may enjoy the journey of your garden along with mine.

  2. I love your little sitting area. It's so nice to see what other people do with their gardens. I need a good sitting spot, still working on that. You know they say imitation is the highest for of flattery.

  3. Wow, it looks great! I love the blue bird bath. The trellis is cute too!

  4. Good Morning Joyce: Great garden it's just inviting you in. Must be wonderful to just sit and enjoy.

    Have a great day,

  5. Thanks Everyone for commenting on my garden I love how each year I take away and put in something else. I'm so glad to have the chance to take away grass:) I husband likes to cut grass, but if it were up to me I think it's over-rated. I take gardens over grass anyday!!!

  6. Hi Joyce. What a wonderful transformation your garden has take over a few years. It looks wonderful with the arbor and path going through it.

  7. I enjoyed seeing how your garden developed - and it looks like a peaceful and serene place to sit. The birdbath is beautiful!

  8. It all started with a blue birdbath. What a great story. Your garden is lovely and I see the birdbath has a place of honor:) If you are anything like me, your garden will continue to expand a little more every year.

  9. I too loved your blog title. My blog started with a robin video :-) I also loved seeing this area take shape... isn't it amazing how quickly things look like they have been there forever. Nice job... enjoy it ;-D

  10. What a wonderful job you have done. Isn't it rewarding to see the before and the after? You did it! One plant at a time. :) The blue bird bath is so cool.