Thursday, August 5, 2010

Cosmos solphureus-Orange one

A Beautiful Rich Orange Color this little guy has. It kinda reminds me of a daisy. It's about 16-22" tall, and shorter and bushier  then the Thread-leaf Cosmos. The foliage is not the usual, but it reminds me of a fern-like leaf. Caution: Some states have this on their invasive list so check before you plant this one.

I received this seed from a "Swap" last season. Last year was my first "Seed Swap". But then the club closed and no more seed swap. Luckily I have enough seeds for a couple of years.  I went a little crazy!!! Anyway I rec'd this one not knowing what it was going to look like. I'm very pleased. I just love Cosmos and this is going to be another favorite for me each year in my garden. I just have to remember to collect the seeds and not let them fall. I want it in another location next year. More out front of the garden instead of in  the middle. I thought it was going to be taller but that's ok I love it.....

And here is a  quote I found that I thought was nice...

The Best Place to Seek God is in a Garden.
You can dig for him there....
-George Bernard Shaw-

On that note I will leave while I'm ahead. Have a marvelous Garden Day and hope all your dreams are garden dreams. Peace Out-Joyce


  1. What a pretty cosmos! We had a hard time growing cosmos this year. Hardly any bloomed. No secrets with the potatoes, they are easy. We ordered seed potato, plopped them in the ground, covered with dirt, and they grow so fast and tall! We got 2-4 potatos per plant.

  2. Thanks meemsnyc, I'll do tators next season :) And my thread-leaf cosmos didn't do well this year either. And I even planted Cleome and didn't get any :( First time I did seed tho. Have a great night. Just finished getting bad storms here.

  3. Wow! That color is POWerfully orange.

  4. I never have luck with cosmo seeds in my garden. The springs are so cold they do not get off to a good start and it is always very late in the season before they bloom. Sometimes I buy flats of cosmos from our greenhouse but they never have that pretty gold/orange.

  5. I planted a packet of cosmos seeds and ended up with one that looks just like this one - though it is pretty tall. But I also ended up with a lot of other amall non-flowering plants that I don't recognize! Maybe that's what I get for buying my seeds at the discount store!

  6. Too funny Ginny. Seeds sometimes are like that :) It's kinda fun to get a surprise :)
    And thanks to everyone for stopping by!!!!