Monday, August 9, 2010

Great Bird Book and Hummingbirds today.

I would like to recommend a great book if you enjoy watching and feeding and housing your birds in your back yard. It's the "National Audubon Society North American Birdfeeder Handbook".  A great little reference book for a quick pick-me up to see what bird is at your feeder!
I keep this book in my kitchen on the counter along with my binoculars for a quick pick up. The feeders and woods  are in the back of the house and that's where I bird watch most of the time. I do keep a small pair of binoculars on the end table in the front just in case somethings going down:)

Here are a few pages out of the book. Contents, Illustrated bird pages  and I gave you a page on how to make a scrap feeder for your birds if you aren't able to get a book.(Click on Photo to view larger so you can get directions). I use to work for the Library system and I had the privilege of seeing EVERY book first. I'm  not sure if that was good or bad because at times alot of my paycheck when back into buying books. Especially GARDEN books!!!! Oh the beautiful books they would order upstairs was awesome. I love hardcover books and table top books and I love the history of gardens, and folklore, and garden stories by other gardeners. Anyway, The reason I'm  recommending this one is today the 'Hummers' were outside this morning fighting over who's feeders they were. Good thing the Cameras not to far away.
Aren't they awesome. I could sit and watch these guys all day. Squeaking, fighting and drinking. (Oh, what a minute sounds like I'm at pub.No offense I like a pub!) And if you don't fill the feeders quick enough they come looking for you. They will look right into the house saying "HELLO" it's dinner time. Here are a couple more pics. I can't refuse. There not great but who said I was a professional photographer :)
I think this is a young one.....
Well as usual I've said enough to keep you and me a week. But I do love to share. Thanks Again for visiting my blog. And I'll be visiting yours  real soon. Thanks Again Joyce


  1. Thanks for the recommendation! I love watching the birds at my feeders and this looks like an excellent book. And your hummingbird pictures are great!

  2. I'm new to your blog. Great Hummingbird photos, beautiful garden!