Sunday, August 8, 2010

It's a Hen's & Chicks kinda Morning

Another beautiful morning. So I needed to do something. Yesterday I weeded a couple of beds that were lost in space...Sooooo.
Took a stroll out to the garage to take recycles this morning  and forgot all about this little Wrought Iron Heart Plant Stand sitting on the side. I have had this forever, again from a Flea Market or something. I use to have violets in the four holes but didn't work out inside. I have this area coming out from the basement that gets Morning Shade and half of the bed gets Afternoon Sun. So in this bed is "Ferns, Hosta, Jap. Iris, Bleeding Hearts, Sedums in front and even Gooseneck loosestrife (invasive). So I wanted to Kick it up a Notch. Here is the BEFORE photo  in MORNING.
I also had some little wrought iron fencing that wasn't working somewhere else so I moved it here around that gosh ugly concrete pad that never got used for purposes we won't mention. It's a honey-do kinda project. Not anymore. Anyway I have Hens & Chicks from my Dad's House that needed to split up. So I made up some clay pots of these dressed them with gravel and blue glass shards from a broken Garden Globe that you know who broke with flying debris from tractor. I couldn't throw it away. I knew it would be handy some day.
Here is the Little Stand with the potted 'Sempervivum-Hardy mix' I will put them in the greenhouse to overwinter. I have shared these plants with everybody I know my father would have loved that.
So anyway, I pondered, I moved fence, I gathered, I planted, And now I'm happy with this little area. You can't see the concrete pad too much and that's what I wanted. I didn't want to take away from the 'Standard Hosta' and that HUGE 3ft sedum. This is the picture at 12:00 o'clock today with the Sun moving in. Finished Project.
Thanks for stopping by today I hope you enjoyed seeing my little project as much as I had fun making it. Have a Marvelous Garden Day and I'll be visiting your blog too. Joyce


  1. Keep up the momentum! (I've lost a bit of my garden mojo lately and use the excuse of heat & humidity as the reason!) BTW - welcome to Blotanical! It's quite the community...