Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Pileated Woodpecker Sighting, Garden stuff and No Internet for 3 Days!!

Wow, it's been awhile since I've been back online!! No stinking Internet for 3 lovely days-not. I've missed all the Garden Gossip. But I've seen alot of stuff here around the gardens. And sometimes it's nice not to sit inside clicking away at the keys.  You've seen my neighbors dead,dead, dead tree that all the big birds love. Today while outside expecting the last of the pretty flowers. This big bird threw overhead and headed straight for the Big Tree. Not until I got inside and looked at my Photos did I notice that it was a "Pileated Woodpecker". They are few and far between here. But they do come. He was huge and that red head is so funny looking. It's not a great picture. But they don't stay around long and my camera wasn't doing what I wanted it too!! It's me not the camera. But I just thought you'll would love to see him. I love surprises like this in my garden...

So I missed the Bloggers Bloom Day on the 15th and some other stuff. The other day while coming out of the garage I noticed this BIG moth sitting in the Azaleas next to a piece of bark. Don't know who he is but he was sure awesome looking. Had to run and fetch my camera for him. I will research later  He kinda reminds me of a Jet Plane.

So like I said I missed posting bloom day but right now there's not much blooming in the garden. Just the old stand-bys--Coneflowers, Tall Phlox, Black eyed Susan and Brown eyed, Red Shift Coreopsis, Butterfly Bush (White and Purple) and the Beautiful  "Royal Standard Hosta" with there big white blooms. I love white and this is a great performer for your Big Everyday Hosta. Shiny leaves and lots of white flowers. Great Performer if you like green and white flowers.

The other thing that;s happening is -I bought some "Foxglove Plants about 2 months ago and the foliage has gotten pretty big, well one is giving me a flower!! It's Cream. Will it die and not come back, this is my first. I know they are Bi-ennials. If someone could let me know!!!!
The sky has been beautiful this week also. Here are the morning pics. from Friday. We have been having some really bad storms here but when I see these clouds it makes me so happy and they kinda remind me of fall.  I love these kinds of clouds. Do you see the Buffalo in the right hand corner :) Well, it's looks kinda like one. I love seeing shapes in the sky. The sky was super blue and the morning was a cool crisp morning. I had other stuff happening but lost track of it. So for now I'm signing off and wishing you'll a beautiful safe garden day. Peace Out. Joyce


  1. Love your woodpecker...so proud! I also like your skywatch...lovely sky.

  2. Hi Joyce, The moth is called a Sphinx moth. At night it acts just like a hummingbird buzzing around sucking nectar on flowers. As a caterpillar it is the tomato horn worm which people [tragically] kill because of its voracious appetite.

    Love your photos.

  3. Thanks Kimberly and Thanks Grace. The moth was awesome. Next time I'll just move them off the tomatoes :) Now I know...