Monday, October 25, 2010

I'm in Love with "Fall" Color and Seaglass Hunting

Don't you just love this time of year!!!!!.  You get just as much color this time of year as you do in spring. Just a different Color Palette. So much has been going on here. I've been rather busy with making cards, Halloween decorations, Baking, Sea glass hunting,  Organizing my Craft room/office/ dog lounge :)  But I haven't stopped noticing the beautiful color all around me in my own Garden. Yes, the pretty flowers from spring and summer are a beautiful memory in my mind's eye, but the color I'm seeing right  now just blows me away. The temperatures have been up and down but nothing to cold yet!!

And don't forget my other favorite thing: HALLOWEEN. Here is a Flag I've had forever:

This was a Beautiful Weekend and of Course I went "Sea glassing" with my favorite 2 people. The tides were way out on the beaches we went to so we were able to do alot of searching. I came away with some awesome finds and beautifully frosted pieces to add to my collection.......Here are a few:
I pick-up everything of interest to me while beaching. I found a beautiful fish lure and a (red) reflector. I yelled "I got Red" and everybody looked up. They should know me by now that I'm a jokester!!! Hey, it's red!! Nice pottery and beautiful Aquas and whites and greens, some are so dark and thick. Just like I like'em. Woo-Who what a nice haul for a great day at the beaches. Oh yeah, can't forget my rocks and shells and brick pieces. Why I don't know I just like them!!

And I found this really neat pottery/ceramic thingy. My husband thinks it's a thing to make fishing nets/knots something like a "Marlin Spike" it has "Germany" printed on the back? Any clues? Write down a comment and let me know.
Ok, that's enough excitement for one day. But I'll be back to show you some really cool Cards the girls and I have been working on. I just can't fit everything in right now. Thanks for stopping by and have a great day.......Joyce


  1. Yes, autumn colors are just awesome. My friends have a house on fire island and we love to comb the beach for sea glass!! It's a lot of fun! Your treasures are beautiful.

  2. Joyce: I love you sea glass collections. I think your husband is right although not sure. Will try and get an opinion from some friends from our boating days.

    Have a great evening,