Sunday, October 3, 2010

Could-duh, Would-duh, Should-duh, in the Garden

Another Spring and Summer gone and as I look out into my gardens I get that feeling that yet again I've missed doing things I said I would in the garden!!! Procrastination what a nasty word, it gets me all the time and I can get trapped in this world longer then I should for sure...

Here it is "FALL" and my gardens aren't showing as much color as I need. This year it's hard to believe how many berries are on the dogwoods, Pink and White ones, just  loaded.  My father always said that this was a sign for a cold winter (I hope this isn't true). I don't want another like the last one!! So here's a pretty butterfly to look at instead of thinking about "Winter".

Another year of poor planning. "I said I would have color each season"  and I'm not holding up my end of the bargain. And then everytime around this time of year  I get the same thoughts. Could-da, Should-da, Would-da. This season I did do some  hard-scaping and painting  and trying to tidy stuff up a bit. Plus making new beds, and sometimes forgetting the old.  Yes, I have pretty grasses to look at and Sedums and Cosmos and impatients. But I didn't plant any fall bulbs, nor did I plant any asters, or late blooming lilies like I said I would. I can't believe I got sidetracked with other things-ugh. So nows the time to plan for next season. Yes, theres always next Season, a little late and not promised yet but thinking about it gives me comfort to go on..

I want to plant some bones (not real ones) in my garden before frost. I need more of these (shrubs, small trees and premanent fixtures). I really should have planned the bones first. But I'm a Perennial Flower addict and Hosta addict, but these things die back this time of year and I'm left with bare pickings here and there. So even tho this happened again here are a few flowers still blooming......
And this one here I didn't plant in this pot. It's a gift I will dig out and put in the garden. It's kinda funny how this is the best looking flower in the garden.

Have a great Day!!!!! And look forward to visiting other blogs today that I've missed. See ya real soon, Joyce


  1. Hi, this is my first visit to your blog and i am impressed. The butterfly shots are amazing. Loved your blog. Keep it up.

  2. Thanks Muhammad for visiting and your nice comments. Come back soon :)

  3. I am rubbish at planning - or rather I think about what I would like to do in the garden but have trouble turning thought into action. Too easily diverted I suppose and "ordinary" day to day gardening takes up enough time as it is. Next year perhaps!

  4. There was so much on my list of coulda shoulda woulda. I have a huge list for next year.

  5. I hear ya, loud and clear. Spring always brings promises and then the lazy days of summer hit. I've separated a few mum plants to add color around the garden. Love the pics of your Dad. I wish I had more pics of my grandparents in the garden.

  6. Joyce, if this can give you some comfort - you are not alone! Planning is my weak spot, I do most of the things spontaneously. Some plants sit in their pots for several months. Etc., etc. But, maybe, we shouldn't be so tough to ourselves. Life is bigger than gardening, isn't it? I try to teach myself to enjoy the process more than the final results. You have a plan, you know what you want, and it is great! Praise yourself for the work you've done this gardening season, relax and ...enjoy garden planning for the next season! All the best,