Sunday, October 10, 2010

"Heirloom Country Gardens", A Book Recommendation.

I went to my local Library a few weeks ago to pick-up some fresh reading material. I've  been buying to many books lately at my local Big Food Store that has everything. And I thought to myself why buy when I can go right down to my  local library( about 2 miles away)  to see what kind of new materials or old was waiting there for me.   While there I picked up a book that caught my eye and  looked like it had potential. I went on and put in  the title  and low and behold there it was!!!! And it was only $3.00!!!! (New)  from a recycle book store. It cost 27.95 new, so I HAD to purchase it for my garden book collection. OK, Here it is: "Heirloom Country Gardens" by Sarah Wolfgang Heffner -ISBN0-87596-818-X  . A Rodale Organic Gardening Book. Here is the cover and Contents page for you to take a glance at. If you can go to your local Library go check it out or put in a request to get a copy. A nice quick read of information.....and to look at.
Soooo, you can never have enough Garden books big or small, fat or skinny, Perennial, Annual, Cacti, Houseplants, Landscaping, bulbs, Photography, well you get the  picture. And I adore Big Tabletop books to display in my house. What fun picking up a beautiful Hardcover with awesome Garden Photography inside from all over the world. The reason I love these books ,  I  lose myself  inside and  can see me walking thru and enjoying these gardens with my own camera and a bottle of water for the journey. The information is the added bonus. Yes, I'm a Art and Garden  Book-a-holic!

OK, maybe I need a  program for  books but who doesn't love a great book!!!! .  I can't get enough, I swear I drool when I see a huge beautiful garden book. Ok, what's your obsession? Well, I'm off to a Stampin' Up Card open house today with a friend and I'm going to have to great time making cards. So have a blessed fall day . Joyce

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  1. Hi Joyce, I just bought four garden books at a thrift store yesterday so I think we're on the same page, pun intended. :) I've never seen this one. It looks intriguing all right. Score!