Thursday, May 6, 2010

What's going on In the Garden

Hello Again it's been a while since I've been here. I took a little reading break since my books I wanted to read were plying up. This gave me a little more time to rethink some of the plants that needs to be moved and painting and dodging a "A Big Black Snake" around the garden. I call him the "Resident Evil" even tho he eats the field mice. Personally I think he is too close for comfort and my birds think so too!!!

Well,I headed  to "HD" and brought my paint for my little garden Shed. I choose "Victorian Purple, and Rainforest Fern" both are awesome colors. I have only painted the trim so far  and I have to go out and buy the wooden gingerbread molding to paint the fern green. I'm not in a hurry so in time this will be done.
After I finished painting the trim I still had paint on my brush and was wondering what to do with it so a really cool limb fell from the nearby tree (kinda looks like an old fashioned water stick) so I beat the rest of the paint from the brush on that and liked what I saw so finished painting it purple. Then I stuck a old glass hummingbird feeder that never worked right on top and "Voila" Garden Art :)

After I painted the shed I noticed that the nearby Clematis was blooming and it was the same color purple, wow what a treat, the two look beautiful together. The Clematis name is "Comtesse de Bouchard" kinda fancy name. But she is just gorgeous. I will try and figure out how to get more. In the middle of the side garden last year I put in a birdbath with paver bricks around it so I could plant some "Catmint" around the base since it is blue for contrast. Garden is always a work in progress. But it looks pretty their in the middle. The bath is too deep so I put a rock in it for the birds to bath and only keep about an 1"or 2" or water so the birds don't drown.

This past Saturday I went glassing with my friends it was a beautiful day to go to the beach and pick up glass. I found some very nice frosted, rounded pieces for my collections and I even came home with alot of rocks for my gardens. ALWAYS have more rocks and shells then glass sometimes :)
Sunday when I got up to take the pooches out I walked the around the different garden areas and was just amazed at all the flowers that were in bloom, Iris, Peonies, Perennial Geranium's, Spider wort, Climbing roses, and the list goes on. I think alot of the flowers are about 3 weeks ahead of schedule for flowering. I think it's because of the 80degree temps we have been having. I hope we get some rain soon. I'm trying to hold out from watering everything. And theres no rain in the rain barrels.
Today (Thurs) I cleaned the pond (100 gallon) only,what a mess, I have green water so I took out about 1/3 of the water and replaced it. I now only have 2 fish left!!  The water Irises are just gorgeous. I love Iries anyway. I have alot of different ones. I will post again about just my iries later.
Oh yeah, and I picked up a first for me, a beautiful "Highland Rhododendron called "Purple Passion" I think I'm going to plant this over by the garden shed in dappled shade, I think this will be OK. It says it only gets 6 X 5. So I'm looking forward to taking care of this one!!! I had a Red one a looooong time ago and lost it so I was hesitant on buying another.
I really happy today walking around and the all the different ferns are just beautiful and the corral bells and well just everything. There is a older area under the deck that I have to thin out very bad so that will probably be my next project.
So if you lasted this long I appreciate you stopping by my little ramblings about me and my gardens and garden friends. So have a great garden day and pray for RAIN for me.
Peace Out from me and my Four Leggers!!!!!


  1. Your sitting are under the arbour is very attractive, with the plants rising up on either side. Your clematis is so full of blooms and thick,that it almost looks more like a shrub. What kind is it?

  2. It's looking very pretty! I have several clematis that are still babies and can't wait until they're as big and gorgeous as yours.

  3. Thank You again for your comments on my clematis, she is a beauty. I have to confess their are two plants on the trellis, that makes it very full. The name is above in the writing. Thanks for visiting my blog.