Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The Garderner Is Sick!!!

Oh Goodness what a week without being in the garden. I'm finally feeling a little better so I thought I would get up and walk outside with the dogs to see some green life outside of the bedroom walls. This week I have downed 2 1/2 gallons of Orange Juice, Water, Hot tea, and Some Homemade Chicken Soup. And have lived on Dayquil and Nyquil. In and out of sleep. Oh how I hate laying around doing NOTHING it drives me crazy!!!!!!
I was finally able to walk about without being dizzy today  so went out to see what has bloomed and what I've missed. This week thankfully has been overcast and rainy so I haven't felt so bad being inside! Bless Mother Nature for taking care of my plants while I've been down. Haven't had a cold like this forever. Anyway,
I brought the dogs back in and I went back outside and saved a couple of the peonies from the rain. My friend gave me this really beautiful Pottery Flower Pin Frog(kenzan) so I used it to bring in some flowers from my room to look at. The big white Peony is "Shirley Temple" :) And the little red one I can't remember because it was bought when I was a young gardener and didn't keep track of what I bought. Now I'm kinda "Anal" about saving everything and keeping records of the gardens every year for my own enjoyment.

Yesterday in the mail my new garden flag arrived that Jerry ordered for me, he knows I like a little whisical in the garden. It's a "Fantasia Flamingo Flag" kinda silly but cute.
Here are a couple of photos of some flowers blooming this past week. The rain has beat down the irises and the peonies but still some nice color. The Blue and White Salvia (love this plant it blooms forever) the columbines are blooming and the Yellow Water Iries and the shasta daisies and the coral bells, the blue and the white spiderwort, ferns are going crazy and I know I'm going to have to rescue the hostas in the bed later.
So I'm off to rest a little, don't what to burn myself out on the first day of feeling better. So will have more later to talk about and I just want to say "Hello and Good-bye" to my garden friends and wish everybody peace in their gardens and lives........Peace Out


  1. HI Joyce: Sorry you are feeling bad. Best thing you did was to get into the garden, cures all.

    Hope tomorrow is better,

  2. It's no fun being sick--even worse when the garden is alive with blooms! All that chicken soup is bound to have a positive effect on your bug--even better getting out among all those gorgeous blossoms. Hope you keep getting better.

  3. Thanks John and MG for the nice comments. Today is a great day able to actually work outside today, what a treat. Keep Blogging love both your garden blogs. Thanks Again

  4. That sounds so frustrating. Glad you're feeling better, ready to enjoy the garden.