Friday, May 28, 2010

The Ugly Truth About Gardening!!!

Good Morning Sunshine the gardener is still under the weather with Bronchitis-ugh. But now I have real presciption drugs to fight my battle for me.
The Truth I'm talking about is "Weeds" no mater if your out of your garden for one day or 21/2 weeks the weeds are there to greet you when you come back. And mine have grown with leaps and bounds. Didn't realize I had so many weeds. I think I'm pretty good about taking care of these guys when I do a new bed and I even use layers of newspaper and mulch to amend the gardens each year!! I don't like to use chemicals of parts of the gardens because of run-off to the bay and I don't want my animals to get sick. Plus I love the birds and butterflies that visit my gardens.
 With that said, moving on to the garden walk this morning. So many flowers are just busting at the seems and I have alot of shifting all of a sudden. I guess my gardens are coming full circle when it comes to space. So I really need to get out there and dig and move. Usually by this time of year I'm pretty much done moving everything I've wanted. I haven't even put in annuals yet-ugh. If I'm up to shopping for plants I think I might go out this Holiday weekend and catch some sells maybe!!
I did go out and take some pictures of what's blooming this week in the garden. I have a "Mystery Plant" coming back that I guess I put in a couple of years ago when I made  this bed ,but it's never bloomed so I don't know what it is. I know it's not glads. don't put those in. So I'm waiting to see if it will bloom this year. Don't you just love surprises and gifts in your garden, I do!!
 The First Asiatic Lilies are up (yellow) so pretty! The pink and orange/black ones aren't blooming yet.
And while I've been inside sorting seeds and writing in my journal I've managed to plant up a couple of plastic Salad containers of seeds that I punched holes in and now I'll wait to see if I get anything. Here is the pick of one:
I also managed to squeeze out a new card for the Friday nite Card Club here it is---
Have a blessed day and remember amend, amend, amend!!!! Peace Out


  1. HI: Liza say's she sent you some Crocosmia corms, is that where you put them. Sure does look like it.

    Have a great evening,

  2. Your asiatic lilies look so bright and lovely! I like them for their long lasting blooms.Mine are not blooming yet. We have a very cool and wet May.

  3. You know John you might be right I sure hope so cause the ones I planted died!!

    Thanks Tatyana I love these guys and they are so bright I love the color yellow in the garden. And I know when yours comes in you will enjoy them!! Everything here is blooming ahead of schuedule...Happy Gardening