Sunday, April 25, 2010

New Vegtable Garden And More!!

Afternoon All. This weekend I'm out there again taking a little more of the "green stuff" away. I already  have a nice size raised Veggie Bed/Nursery but last year I noticed I needed more room for the squash and other vining plants. So I have made a new bed. And yes as always you always need more space-lol
This new  one is only 8 X 10, Jerry and I measured it out and placed poles so I new where to till the soil. We got "Big Red" out of the big shed and dusted it off and it started on the 2nd try!!! Jerry tilled the first row, but soon discovered his bad elbow and shoulders were taking a beating. So I glady stepped in.  I felt like "Tim Allen" more power. I had a great time (doesn't take much) rototilling the new garden area.
 When I was younger my father always had the best Vegetable gardens in the community and I know he was looking down giving me little tips yesterday :) Plus when I garden I'm always talking and thinking about him. I remember one time when he came over to our house and while  walking around I thought I would never hear him say, "Joyce, everything looks nice"  in his own kinda way but my Father and I had a connection to the gardens and we always talked  gardening that was his passion and now it is and will always be MINE.  Anyway- I got the tilling done and I only had 1 bag of Leaf-gro in the shed left so I threw that in until I can get to the store tomorrow. I swear as I used my "Hoe" I felt like a good Witch brewing up a stew the way the dirt just moved around in the garden. Now all I have to do is finish amending the soil and get a barrier for the deer and rabbits now that I'm on the ground level and then buy plants and I'm good to go!!

Here are a few other things I'd just like to share. Last year I put in a few new plants and wanted to share how they are doing. First off I wanted more spring color and I purchased just one of "Geum-Fireball Avens" (see photo)wow it's beautiful in the garden. Such a presence! A beautiful orange/yellow.
Next for the first time I put in "Allium Gigantica"(see photo) a beautiful magenta/purple globe flower. I'm in love with this one. And will purchase more this fall. Last year I also purchased (7) new hostas and all are doing well!! If you would like the names I will post. Also I just wanted to put a plug in for one of my favorite hostas "Sum and Substance" OMGosh this is a big fricking hosta. Mine is I think 3 or 4 years old and is now in the new hosta bed (See photo!)
Oh yeah, I almost forgot I'm down to (4) fish now!!! I have to put up the fishing line and just haven't, but I better if I want to keep my fish. And my beautiful frog (Herman) is back. (See Photo)
And I recommend  this awesome "TOOL" to help dig holes and break up the clay in some of the beds. I borrowed it from a friend. (See Photo)It is some kind of Auger that fits on the end of a drill. OMGosh, it makes digging a breeze and gardening!!!

So last Friday was a friends Birthday. She loves frogs so I made her a frog card. I had seen this punch idea somewhere on the Net so thanks. I added the inner tube around the frogs neck I couldn't get it around her body:) And we also went to this awesome Restaurant called "Brio" in Annapolis, I so recommend it. I'm still dreaming about my lunch!!! Go! You will return often :)

OK, I'll sign-out for now. And if you like my Blog please don't hesitate to post some comments.
Have a blessed week.. And "Happy Gardening everyone" I know I will. Peace Out!!

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  1. Oh, I have a "thing" for frogs, and I absolutely love your little froggie card! That would make such a cute banner for the garden.

    I have that same gardening connection with my mother and grandmother, and great grandmother. Much of what I put in the garden is because of them. I remember listening to them talk "gardens" when I was little...sigh...

    Your new garden looks lovely, and I can't wait to see it grow up this summer.