Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Cloudy with a chance of "Gazing Ball"!!

Wow, can't believe I haven't been here since April 2nd. So lots of things going on in my gardens. I just finished one of the new beds from the plan I had posted earlier. It's the Hosta area the pictures on the right. The photo on the Left is the already excisting bed and now it has an "Garden Entrance".
 I transplanted (7) hostas from around the yard that needed to be transfered. Here are there names:
"Sum and Substance" (1)-Light green HUGE
"Patriot"-(2)-Green w/white brim
"Guacamole" (1) Gift from a friend -Green w/pale green/yellow brim HUGE
"Wide Brim" (1) Med Green w/yellow brim
"Ernest Markem" (1)- green w/green brim
"And one name I forgot" (1) made ya smile
These are just a few of my collection in my gardens. I adore "Hostas"..... I can't wait to see them grow and fill-in this area. They are surrounding my pretty "White Hydrangea". .I'm taking an oath-" I will try and not plant anything else in there this year I will leave it alone" you read it here so I have to be true to my word!!! Maybe some annuals:)

Over the weekend I painted the "Garden Shed" beige (I know BORING) BUT I'm going to paint the trim a blue/violet and I will dress it up with some gingerbread molding of another color. And on one side I will paint a garden mural on there. I will post pics. when finished with that. The garden trells is painted and up. Just have to figure out what to grow there, still thinking!! This gets morning sun and dappled afternoon shade.
The other great things to look at this time of year of the "Ants on the Peonies".  This one is "Paula Faye" a beautiful single Herbeous Peony with beautiful bright Charteuse Pink with yellow center. I know it doesn't look that color yet but the buds are still pretty tight.

The other day I went out to the little pond  as always to give my fish some food and I didn't see anyone-ugh. On NO, not again this year. I thought "Oh Man" someone ate my darn fish, I knew I shouldn't have taken off the net and cleaned it. Well I stood there for awhile threw in the food and finally a couple came to the top,grabbed the food and took cover again.  I had 6 now I'm down to 5. And you know they took the biggest darn one. His name was "Big Gold" so you know they had a buffet meal with him. He was one of the original pond dwellers and now he's gone-"A moment of silence please".

So ok you say, their just fish, you look in their little fish eyes everyday and tell me you can just walk away and not care!!! Well for me I like taking care of stuff and I really get attached !!!! :)
OK with that said- off to petsmart :)

I could sit and here and upload spring flower photos forever. I love flowers and gardening. And my gardens will never be finished!!!
The other thing I'm working on today which I'm a little late on doing this is I'm making a little "Gnome Cottage" on a big rock for a friends birthday I will post a pic. when finished. House is still under construction!!!
So today we are finally getting a little rain and that's why I'm doing inside work and updating. Have a beautiful garden day and hope you come back to see me and what's happening in my Gardens. Peace Out...


  1. You have been VERY busy on this rainy day! The blog is amazing!! Your garden is amazing too, but we knew that! :D

  2. I understand not blogging as often this time of year--too busy out in the garden. I think I need to put a sign on my blog that says "Gone Gardening". All your hostas sound lovely, and I applaud your vow to not plant anymore. Good luck on that--don't go window shopping at any nurseries, and you should be okay. I can't pass up a nursery or garden center without my car veering off "just to look". ;-)

    Sorry about Big Gold. I would feel the same way. Whether plant or fish, when you nurture something, you can't help but be sad when something happens to it.

  3. Thanks again for everyone's comments on my gardening blog and gardens. And I agree "MG" that gone gardening is my New Moto :)