Monday, December 20, 2010

Get Your Bake On!!

Today is the 20th of December and I'm so out of sorts when it comes to my baking.. I haven't made pumpkin rolls, or cookies, or breads or any homemade anything. I'm so bummed . These things  are  my gifts for my neighbors and friends.-ugh. I'm usually done by now , and the house is done too and ready for Christmas. How did I get so behind. This is not like me!!!

Please someone send a "Whiff Kick" my way- please. I did get the trees decorated and I even have my first gift under it...Wait that's the dog!!!

This year I did a Holiday Craft Show and made alot of Christmas cards and holders. But I've yet to get my own cards sent. Shame on me. One of favorite times of the year and I'm blowing it.

I will be attending "Christmas Tea" on Tuesday so maybe that will give me a nudge to get going.

Well anyway I do have one thing I made. I would like to share the recipe with you all.  They are "Chocolate Cookie Balls" and they taste like a "Ho-Ho" if your familiar with the cake thingy. They are very messy to make but fun to eat-only a few they are very rich!!

Ok, I'm done here I'm moving over to my craft blog. Check me out and what I'm doing over there.
Thanks for stopping by and to all my friends "Happy Holidays" . And don't forget the "Full Solar Eclipse Tonight. The last time this was here was in "Galileo's time". So be a stargazer I think the full Eclipse is 3:17am tonite EST. I'll be there from the beginning. Don't forget your Camera. I don't take good night pictures but I'm gonna try anyway... Bye for now, Joyce

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