Tuesday, March 16, 2010

What is that I See-Could it be the "SUN"!!

What a beautiful day. The Sun is shining and I'm able to get outside and walk around the gardens since the snow has disappeared!!! Now everything is a "Muddy Mess" but that's ok,mud you can get rid of real quick, snow stays around and lingers a while.

I just love, love, love this time of year. Everything is starting to come alive again, including me :) Been battling a wicked Sinus Infec. for the past week and have been feeling like crap, I'm also getting a little "Vertigo" with it so unable to really get outside and work much less think.

Hey but I'm getting ready, and here are a few new additions for my gardens.
Bought 2 new plants to stick in and try. My first is a bare root Peony named "Karl Rosenfield" I think he had something to do with peonies. It's a beautiful Red with flowers it says to be between 6-8" across. I can't wait but I have to wait until the ground is workable before I plant because if I plant in the muddy soil it will turn into concrete and kill my plants!!! But I know this will take about 2 or 3years before I get one flower. He might surprise me, let's wait and see.

And my other addition is 4 "Rosemond Cole Canna Rhizomes" they look to be Orange and yellow and standard size. Won't plant these until the ground warms up a bit!!! I saw these in the retail garden section and had to have for a fix. Yes they only cost $5.00 a piece but if all turns out this is a real bargain. I like to buy things and watch them grow into beautiful plants. I don't think price matters, just look over what your buying really well.
I can't wait to get some good deals on "Perennials" this season. I like to buy the bigger pots and then divide and watch how my gardens will multiply over the years. I sometimes can be a patient gardener when it comes to what I can afford at the time and planning my yard.

I did want to start cleaning up but I'm a little scared of what "Mother Nature" will do here, don't want to rush taking off protection from around my flowers and then have them freeze and die. I've worked too hard to cultivate what I have to be disappointed by a freeze warning!! And then "BAMM" before you know it there's a foot of snow again, I know "Shhhhh". So I will wait to pull stuff off. I will cut back the "Sedums" I left over the winter, they are so pretty all dried up and standing tall in my gardens over winter. That way I will get a little bit of a garden fix just being outside doing a little pruning.

And this is kinda funny, I said I wouldn't buy one of these but Jerry got a good deal and so I am now the proud owner of a "Topsy-Turvy" thingy. I will give it a shot. And I'll let you know later how my experience is going. Not sure if I want to put a "flower" or "Vegetable" in it. Decide later.
OK, so don't want to lose your attention so I think I will sign off for now and here is a cute picture of those two legged friends with a goodbye salute to you-"Bottoms Up" until next time.....

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