Thursday, August 4, 2011

A "Hummer" of a Week

Wow, haven't been here forever this garden season. We were blessed with a new Granddaughter and my garden kinda took a back seat. Thank God my gardens love me because they wouldn't have survived this season without the care I have given to them previously.
Anywho, I have a new friend in my life. Alot of drama has been happening in my little corner of the world and when I can exscape into my office this is who is waiting for me, like an old friend. My male hummingbird has been here everyday from about 5:30 am  until 8:30 when I leave my office. Every once in a while I check back and there he is protecting his stash.
I think I must be his favorite place to eat. I'm not sure if he has a family or not close by. But I'm glad he's here. I get great joy watching my little friend chasing away all other "Hummers" and even watching him take a bath and preening his feathers. I never thought about Hummingbirds and feathers, because their so smooth. But now I can see him everyday close up and watch him, it's amazing this little guy. Such beauty and such a strong little guy. I love his little feet.
And as I watch him, watch me, he's proably thinking my house needs painting, and my gardens need weeding really bad, and when the supply is gone he flaps his wings in front of the window to get more.
I'm really enjoying this little guy and hope you enjoy my post about him. I'll be back soon with garden news as long as my plants hold up for me and don't die from "Grandma" neglect. Thanks for stopping by and excuse the running sentences.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Watching the Birds and Daydreaming

Today I moved one of the Bird  feeders  closer to my Office window so I could enjoy the birds while I'm in there  doing whatever. Today  I found myself "Daydreaming" about spring while watching the birds feed.  I caught this cute little Titmouse with a seed in his mouth. Today was Windy, with gusts up to 40mph and cooler temps. And the birds were having a hard time staying put on the feeders. The beginning of the week started off in the 50's now back to 30, brr.
I did notice today while outside walking with Gracie that a few of the daffodil bulbs and a few others are up under the leaves about 1" high. These bulbs were planted in the front garden area so full sun all day. Not to many other things are showing signs of life yet. I do enjoy looking at the Perennials I left for visual effort in the garden over winter. Can't wait to get out there and clean all this up but still have  alot of Winter left. I"m  just siting here watching the birds and Daydreaming about everything and anything garden and those warm days outside with the sun on my face and a smile you can't wipe away. I'm in my glory come the first signs of spring. I get Cabin Fever really bad so the sooner the better for me.
And this spring are family will have a BIG  LOVELY SURPRISE, I will write about soon!!!
So I hope you have time to sit back and Daydream too. It's almost Zen like :)
To Garden and even think about Gardening is Divine!!!!

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Loss of Our (4legged) Family Member HARLEY

Woe is me!!!  It's been a horrible week here.   I have lost a best friend on January 25, 2011. My Heart pains for my Harley. I don't think I have cried this hard in a very long time. We had to make the decision to send him to the "Rainbow Bridge". What a horrible decision to have to make. But it's better then him suffering here for our benefit.   So now he is with my Mom and Day who loved him very much. I'm still struggling with this decision, why. I prayed hard for the strength to be able to except out decision and if this was the right thing to do.....

 Then I spoke to my friend and she said to Blog about it this would help also!!! This is a picture of my "Prick Ear" Buddy in Better times. What a beautiful warm face and beautiful big brown eyes!! Now on to the qualities that make him special:

Believe it or not he always smelled like Powered Grape stuff. Just his head. We use to call him  "Grape Ape".

He had soft fuzzy Prick ears that felt like velvet.

He loved everybody and greeted everybody the same human or not. And loved other animals.

He was a very vocal family member. And he never licked, don't know why just didn't he would sniff you and snort on you and that meant you were part of his family :)

His place was on the couch on one of the pillows, like princess and the pea.

The only bad thing is We let him sleep in our "BED" don't do that, it's like sleeping with a cow in your bed.

He protected his yard from the "SQ's" we couldn't say Squirrel in the house he went ballistic, where, where...

He was larger then life and was a beautiful addition to our family. Our other member "Gracie" is grieving  and looks for him in and around the house and outside. It is super quiet here. We have beautiful memories and nice pictures of our buddy. He will always hold a place in our hearts and just maybe we'll see each other again.
I love you Harley and Thank You for making our lives and my life a little easier to bare some days!!!! Goodbye ole' buddy and love from your  Human Keeper and Caretaker...Joyce

Monday, December 20, 2010

Get Your Bake On!!

Today is the 20th of December and I'm so out of sorts when it comes to my baking.. I haven't made pumpkin rolls, or cookies, or breads or any homemade anything. I'm so bummed . These things  are  my gifts for my neighbors and friends.-ugh. I'm usually done by now , and the house is done too and ready for Christmas. How did I get so behind. This is not like me!!!

Please someone send a "Whiff Kick" my way- please. I did get the trees decorated and I even have my first gift under it...Wait that's the dog!!!

This year I did a Holiday Craft Show and made alot of Christmas cards and holders. But I've yet to get my own cards sent. Shame on me. One of favorite times of the year and I'm blowing it.

I will be attending "Christmas Tea" on Tuesday so maybe that will give me a nudge to get going.

Well anyway I do have one thing I made. I would like to share the recipe with you all.  They are "Chocolate Cookie Balls" and they taste like a "Ho-Ho" if your familiar with the cake thingy. They are very messy to make but fun to eat-only a few they are very rich!!

Ok, I'm done here I'm moving over to my craft blog. Check me out and what I'm doing over there.
Thanks for stopping by and to all my friends "Happy Holidays" . And don't forget the "Full Solar Eclipse Tonight. The last time this was here was in "Galileo's time". So be a stargazer I think the full Eclipse is 3:17am tonite EST. I'll be there from the beginning. Don't forget your Camera. I don't take good night pictures but I'm gonna try anyway... Bye for now, Joyce

Monday, December 13, 2010

New Craft Blog for me

Yesterday I decided to create a new Blog for my Craft stuff. And keep my garden and other stuff here on this blog. If you like crafts and Cards and knitting and other stuff well visit my new Blog at:

On this blog I'll upload my cards with directions.
Thanks for taking a peek and do come back often.  Thanks for visiting..

Ou, today we got a dusting of the white stuff early this morning, how pretty. The cold front is moving in.

Friday, December 10, 2010


I was in a little bit of a hurry this morning. And well, this is what happens!! After I did this I started laughing because the coffee grounds landed right on the Coffee Rug...I love my coffee strong but not just the grounds.

So I'm off to help out a friend in need and just had to post this silly thing cause I thought it was pretty funny.  And yes my family thinks I'm crazy also :)

Coffee Grounds on the Coffee Rug, get it. It might be funny but you know who had to clean-up the mess .  Forgive me it's been a long week!!!!!!



Wednesday, December 8, 2010

My Christmas Elf Cards and more.....

Wow, it's been forever since I've Blogged!! Lots going on. Well I know this isn't garden related but come Winter the garden is sleeping and this is the best  time for me to do other projects I enjoy.
This past weekend my friend and I did our first bazaar and well lets just say I made back the cost of the table (Big Smile). We were at a Local Elem. School and a High School. Everybody loved our Cards, Buttttt, well the  market just wasn't there. Oh well, now I have Christmas/Holiday Cards to last a couple of years :)

I'm posting a few  other Christmas Cards I designed. I've made 20 elf cards, 2 different designs. I love these guys.

My next is a more traditional type. Along with some Gift Card Holders made with DSPpaper.
I love the new folders that Stampin' Up offers in their catalogs. I don't have a Big Sizzix, I have the Cuttlebug and these folders work great with that also.

I glued down the DSP ornaments on Kraft paper after punched and ran them Thur the cuttelbug with the "Square Lattice" folder. This makes a beautiful effect. Used Cherry Cobbler Seam binding and paper. Made quite a few of these also-ugh. Alot of work but pretty in person.
And here are a few more cards I've been working on. I love the pearls on the many thanks cards, they go from big to little. Used some new colors. Well, hope you enjoy looking at them as much as I enjoyed making them. I love to make Cards for my friends and Family. And they make great gifts!!!

Well have a Marvelous Day and "KEEP WARM"..........Joyce